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Knife Sharpening How To Use A Sharpening Steel

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KnivesAs foodies we naturally love to cook and eat food. In our kitchens we have all kinds of pots, pans, food processors, bread mixers, choppers as well and gadgets and gizmos of all make and manner to help us with our culinary endeavors in order to make the best food possible for our family and friends.

The absolute most important tools that we have in our arsenal in the kitchen are our kitchen knives. There are some many types that it boggles the mind. Many of us have Western European kitchen knives made in places like Germany or the United States. The newest trend in the culinary/foodie world is the popularity of Japanese kitchen knives. There are many manufacturers and grades of these excellent cutting tools.

There are so many types of these knives whether they are Western European or Japanese kitchen knives. There is a knife for every chore under the sun or the moon. There are knives for vegetable cutting like the Japanese santoku or the Western European French knife in varied sizes. There are boning knives, fillet knives, paring knives and on and on ad infinitum.

One of the most important aspects of our kitchen knives is that they need to be maintained and eventually completely re-profiled and sharpened. This is where the rubber hits the road. Many home knife sets come with something called a honing steel. Many times when people buy kitchen knives in open stock mode they forget to buy a form of sharpening or honing. The most common tool sold with knife sets today and seen by many of us is the honing steel.

The honing steel is a rod of steel that is either round or oval and is either corrugated or smooth. This tool is the most misunderstood tool in all of the culinary arts. So many people are of the opinion that this rod is used to "sharpen" your kitchen knives. This is just not the case. This tool is used to straighten the blade of your kitchen knife as the knife is being used. It is advisable to hone your knives both before and after you use them so that they will keep the edge longer than if you did not use the steel at all.

There are many ways in which a honing rod, a diamond sharpening rod and a ceramic sharpening rod can be used to give you many kinds of edge types for many different kinds of cutting and/or slicing chores. The fact of the matter is that with these three simple tools you can have the sharpest, scariest sharpest knives in the kitchen whether that kitchen be a professional culinary environment or a gourmet home kitchen. I have made a video showing you how you can get your kitchen knives scary sharp with just these three simple culinary tools. I promise if you watch this video you WILL understand how the honing steel is to be used properly and you WILL come away with the correct understand of how to utilize these tools to keep your knives working at peak performance! The video is located HERE. I hope you enjoy it and if there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact me HERE and I will answer them as quickly asI can! Enjoy! Please visit my blog at: Today for more great information.

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Knife Sharpening How To Use A Sharpening Steel