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Haitian Kitchen Essentials


Charcoal GrillA Haitian kitchen is equipped with simple and cost effective kitchen tools that are in vogue throughout the world. We have brought, for you, an account of a few equipments which tops the list of Haitian kitchen essentials.




A few must have Haitian kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Charcoal Grill/Smoker

Hot smoked salmon fillet or a succulent smoked pork shoulder sounds quite mouthwatering. A Haitian kitchen is  empty without a charcoal grill. Cooking over open tops and embers of a charcoal is the classic Haitian way of cooking. The charcoal grills currently available in market have the option for smoking the food too. So, why not grab one before announcing a fully-set up Haitian kitchen.


  1. Fine mesh sieve

A sieve can be used to strain sauces, for sifting flour, for rinsing rice and beans  and to seed out citrus fruits. One can buy a standard 5 inches sieve to cater to all these needs.


  1. Roasting Pan

Another must have kitchen tool is a roasting pan. You can cook the Thanksgiving Turkey  and roast prime rib of beef. After you have seared and roasted the meat, you can make the sauce or gravy at the bottom of the roaster as well using the pan drippings provided. There will be no further requirement of purchasing plastic pans for your kitchen once you have this classic equipment. One should look for a pan that is heavy and has a sturdy handle.


  1. A good Quality Knife

A sharp knife is one of the best investments for a kitchen. It saves a lot of energy, money and the labor to look for equipments like food processors and trendy cutters. You could bring in a 6 ½ inches chef knife and small paring knife to start with. With these two knives alone, nearly 90 percent of work can be completed in the kitchen.


  1. Grater

A micro plane grater is very useful in a kitchen for tasks like grating hard cheese like pepperoni  and for grating citrus Rhine. Its main use is for zesting, for fresh ginger and to grate chocolate to garnish desserts. This is one tool that one ought to keep in the kitchen drawer and a good grater would cost nearly $12.95.


  1. Mixing Bowls

A glass or stainless steel mixing bowl is very essential in a Haitian kitchen. One doesn’t need to buy a set of bowls. One big mixing bowl would be fine for use. Avoid using plastic mixing bowls. Mixing is a lot lesser messy in a glass or stainless steel bowl.


  1. Wooden Spoon

A sturdy, inexpensive wooden spoon can be used for stirring the dishes. Make sure that you do not buy a spoon with a flaky surface or a shaky built.

Wooden Spoon

  1. Whisk

Another important tool is a Whisk. For a quick omelet  or other quick bites, you need to have a sturdy whisk in your kitchen. Make sure that your whisk does not have any bends.


These simple knick knacks can help you whip up scrumptious dishes in your Haitian kitchen.


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Haitian Kitchen Essentials