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Ancient Roman Kitchen Essentials


 GraterAn Ancient Roman kitchen was usually stocked  with a set of necessary and inexpensive tools. Here is a guide of reference that clearly gives an account of the Ancient Roman kitchen essentials.


A few must-have Ancient Roman kitchen tools are as follows:



  1. Pots and pans

Some basic types of pots and pans were quite essential. This included a set of heavy thick walled pots like a modern Dutch oven that is big in size and made of cast iron. Stock Pots were used for preparing soups, pastas, and purées. The pots were heavy in built and large enough so that these could get heated up quickly so as to cook up amazing Roman recipes. Another must have kitchen tool was a roasting pan. Many steel utensils were also used.

Also pots called cauldrons were used. These were huge pots made of iron used during medieval times for stirring and cooking meat and vegetables. Usually large or medium sized meat portions were cooked in these large pots which were continuously stirred by a group of people.


  1. Knives

Also, a very essential tool in an Ancient Roman kitchen was a high quality Knife set. One with a steel blade embedded till the bottom of the handle was usually used for slicing and dicing of meat and vegetables.


  1. Spoons

Spoons were a quintessential kitchen tool. The spoon set consisted of a few gravy spoons; a big ladle for soups and gumbos. Ordinary chrome plated spoons were used. These did not last long since they started to rust after repeated and heavy use. Also, mashing spatulas that were useful in executing various tasks like preparing mashed potatoes and other vegetables were extensively used.


  1. Cast Iron Skillet

Ancient Roman food was said to be born in a cast iron skillet. No other equipment could replace a black, well-seasoned, impossibly heavy skillet that could endure a lot of heat for longer durations of time hence was used for cooking dishes like cornbread.

Cast Iron Cooking Vessel

  1. Mortar and Pestle

These were mainly used to grind spices, herbs, almonds, bread crumbs, cooked vegetables and meat. This kitchen equipment has been passed down the ages as it is and is used currently without many modifications, though for ease of work it has been replaced in many modern kitchens by many hi-tech gadgets like the food processor and the grinder.


  1. Chioise

It is a perforated conical sieve that used to strain custards, purees, sauces and soups to produce a smooth texture .It was used to dust the pastry with a fine layer of powdered sugar too.


  1. Grater

A cheese grater had been an essential preparation tool in a Ancient Roman kitchen. These graters were available in various sizes and shape to suit the need.


  1.  Spoons and ladles

A variety of wooden spoons and ladles were used in medieval kitchens for stirring and mixing purpose and were a quintessential tool in those times. Gradually the iron and cast iron substitutes replaced the traditional wooden versions which are still in vogue.


The above mentioned simple tools that graced the kitchen shelves in Ancient Rome can be used even today. 


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Ancient Roman Kitchen Essentials