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Knife Sharpening - Advanced Knife Maintenance

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Knife maintenance is very important in the kitchen. There are two parts to knife maintenance: honing and sharpening. Honing is a simple task that anyone can do and should be undertaken frequently. Sharpening takes a little more skill and is usually best left to the professionals. But if you've ever wanted to take a stab at it, Craig demonstrates in today's video. If you plan to take the plunge and try it yourself, Craig advises working with an old knife before moving up to your nicer knives.

Craig Deppe developed his skill and passion for all things culinary at an early age, under the guidance of his French mother. After college, he spent 15 years traveling the world as a professional sailor, sampling myriad cuisines and replicating them in many a ship's galley. The birth of his son led Craig to forgo a seagoing career to pursue his interest in cooking and writing. He now organizes and caters culinary events in San Francisco and works as a chef's assistant at Sur la Table.

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Knife Sharpening - Advanced Knife Maintenance