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Estonian Kitchen Essentials


CazuelasScrumptious Estonian cuisine is prepared by expert diligence and the right set of tools in the Estonian kitchen. Here is a reference guide to know the Estonian kitchen essentials for a newbie in the cooking arena.


List of  essential Estonian kitchen tools 


  1.  Pots and Pans

To cook the pasta right, a lot of water is also required. This will require a pot that is quite big. Say if you plan to cook a pound of noodles, a 5 gallon container would suffice the need. Some cooks prefer containers that are even bigger in size i.e. up to 8 gallons. Anti-adhesive pots and pans or the ones made or iron or copper always grace the countertops in an Estonian kitchen. Some common pots and pans are the Asparagus steamer, a chestnut roaster, a crepe pan, a Dutch oven that is quite common in an American kitchen too, and a roasting pan as well.


  1. Colander

Colander is used to drain pasta and vegetables, . It is important to use the colander of the right size to rinse the amount of food you want. It comes in different types of materials ranging from copper, aluminum and plastic but what really matters is the size of the equipment.


  1. Ladles

Make sure that you use ladles that have sufficient capacity to be used for sauces and soups. Also, since a lot of dishes amongst Estonian cuisine require them, make sure that you have a lot of ladles stacked in your kitchen. You could prefer to use ladles with flat, diamond shaped bottoms for better pouring or its stainless steel or melamine types.


  1. Knives

A large chef’s knife and a Paring knife the most important utensils in an Estonian kitchen. You could purchase a serrated bread knife or sharpening steel too. For ease of work, tools like Berceau commonly known as the mezzaluna, Cheese knife, Chestnut knife, French fry cutter, Mandolin, Meat cleaver, Oyster knife and the poultry scissors can be included in your kitchen.


  1. Cazuelas

These are clay baking dishes which have the capability to retain heat for a long time and hence are used for slow cooking. These come in various sizes. Individual ramekins can hold personal size flan servings which is special custard.


  1. Banneton

It is a type of a basket that is used to provide structure to sourdough breads during proofing. The bread is removed from these baskets before baking. Traditionally made of wicker, these baskets are available nowadays as made up of silicone or plastic. Also, couches’ or proofing cloth can be used to proof dough on or underneath. These are usually made of linen and other coarse material to aid the proofing process since the dough does not stick to it.


  1. GraterGrater

A cheese grater is an essential preparation tool in an Estonian kitchen. You could prefer to use the traditional four-sided tower shaped grater or go for a flat, handheld type. 


Thus a perfectly set up Estonian kitchen is ready for you to concoct  mind-boggling recipes.


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Estonian Kitchen Essentials