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Austrian Kitchen Essentials


Kitchen ScissorsThe aromatic and rustic Austrian cuisine is whipped up using simple cooking tools. Here is a guide to give you a clear picture about the Austrian kitchen essentials used to enhance the way of cooking.

Some important Austrian kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Chef’s knife

Many types of cutlery are put to use in an Austrian kitchen but if there is an option to choose only one, one should go for a chef knife that has 8 to 10 inches long blade. It should have an ergonomic design i.e. a comfortable and textured handle so that the knife can be held firmly. The knife chosen should be made of stainless steel or carbon steel. A $20 Chef’s knife would be perfect for a kitchen but make sure that you purchase a sharpener along with it.

  1. Pan scrapers

No Austrian kitchen should be sans a pan scraper. Since Austrian dishes involve a lot of simmering and frying of dishes, the pans in the kitchen are bound to need the scrapping off of the food deposits. These can also be used to keep kitchen countertops clean.

  1. Kitchen Scissors

Scissors can be used to cut through meat or vegetables and are a boon for the chefs. Different versions are made for people who use their left hands to work. Make sure that you use one made up of carbon or stainless steel blades and that which has a comfortable handle to grip.

  1. Hand mixer

One of the common gadgets that should be present in an Austrian kitchen is the hand held mixer that greatly reduces the effort to be put in cooking. It is used for mixing, folding, beating and whipping food ingredients. Make sure that you do not confuse a mixer with a blender.

  1. Cutting board

A hefty wooden board is a quintessential tool in an Austrian kitchen. It can serve many basic purposes like everyday cutting, chopping and even serving cheese at a party. A large board can be used for simultaneously placing different items to be chopped at different corners during the stages of preparation of a meal.

  1.   Metal Pancake Flipper

A pancake flipper comes in handy when you need to flip those hot pancakes lying in the skillet. Make sure you buy a stainless steel flipper that has a thin built and that is able to slide under the pan cake quite easily.

  1. Roasting Pan

Another must have kitchen tool is a roasting pan. There will be no further requirement of purchasing the plastic pans for your kitchen once you have this classic equipment. One should look for a pan that has heavy construction and a sturdy handle. This tool can last for generations to come and is a must buy.Roasting pan

  1. Mixing bowls

It is essential to have a set of mixing bowls in an Austrian kitchen for all the mixing and mincing tasks. The minimal requirement is a set of three mixing bowls that are durable, heat resistant and lightweight for all the cooking and baking activities. These come with rubber base rings that can help in placing these easily on the countertop of your kitchen. Stainless steel versions of the mixing bowls are also available in the market.

The above kitchen tools complete an Austrian kitchen!


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Austrian Kitchen Essentials