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Danish Kitchen Essentials


Danish Kitchen EssentialsA Danish kitchen needs to be well equipped with some very basic  as well as a few specialized tools to come up with Danish specialties. Read through to know more about the tools that are must haves in your list of Danish kitchen essentials. A few important tools are:


  1. Potato masher

For creating dishes where a lot of mashing and mincing is required, a must have Danish kitchen tool is the potato masher which is often used.


  1. Danish oven

It is a cast iron pot with a thick lining and tightly fitting lid. It is a traditional cookware used for long, slow cooking typically to make roasts, stews, and casseroles.


  1. Roasting Pan

Another must have kitchen tool is a roasting pan. It is essentially used to cook the Thanksgiving turkey and to roast beef. One can also use it to make sauce or gravy after being used for roasting meat. This can be done using the pan drippings provided. This tool can reduce the need to purchase plastic pans since it is a multipurpose cookware. A high-quality roasting pan can last for generations just like the classic Danish oven. Make sure that you buy a pan that has a heavy construction and a sturdy handle.


  1.  Knife Set

Also, a very essential tool set in a Danish kitchen is a high quality professional Knife set. It is important to buy forged knives that have the steel of the blade embedded till the bottom of the handle. This makes the knife sturdy enough to slice and dice meat and vegetables. A good knife set can save a lot of time and energy in the kitchen and can also do away with the need to buy hi-tech gadgets like food processors and trendy cutters. A sharp knife can be the best investment in a kitchen.


  1. Pudding Bowls

A glass or stainless steel pudding bowl is very essential in a Danish kitchen. There is no requirement to buy a set of bowls. Rather a big, sturdy pudding bowl can suffice the need. Make sure that you do not use plastic mixing bowls. Mixing is a lot lesser messy in a glass or stainless steel bowl.


  1. Spoons, ladles and  Spatula

A well-designed and sturdy enough mashing spatula can help in various tasks like preparing batter for cake and mixing vegetables. A sturdy, inexpensive wooden spoon can be used for stirring the dishes. Avoid buying one with a shaky built or a flaky surface. A silicone spatula should neither be too firm nor too flexible. It can be used for stirring and mixing food at higher temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to clean also.
Danish Kitchen Essentials

  1. Silicon bottle scraper

This kitchen tools is similar to a spatula. It is used to scrap off the contents of a long bottle that cannot be cleaned using any other tool. It usually has one side flat to scrap off flat surfaces. The silicon built helps in making the tool flexible as well as sturdy enough to bend into small openings as well as to scrap off the messy surface.


All these tools are dishwasher safe and come in handy when you  are on a cleaning spree. So get ready to stack up your kitchen with danish kitchen essentials.


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Danish Kitchen Essentials