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South African Kitchen Essentials


South African Kitchen EssentialsSouth African kitchen essentials consist of a wide variety of tools that are used across kitchens in South Africa as well as in well-stocked kitchens across the globe. Though it is difficult to generalize the kitchen tools required in a South African kitchen, the following guide would equip you with sufficient knowledge about a standard South African kitchen.

A few must have South African kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Cast Iron Pots

South African food is said to be born in cast iron pots and pans. No other equipment can replace a black, well-seasoned, impossibly heavy skillet that can endure a lot of heat for longer durations of time. Go for a high quality Dutch oven that is big in size and made of cast iron. Stock Pots can be used for preparing soups and purées. Make sure that the one in your kitchen is heavy and large and heats up quickly so that it is easy to cook your favorite recipes.

  1. Wooden spoon

These can be used for stirring dishes the right way and without causing any accidents. These do not conduct heat while stirring sauces and soups.

  1. Trussing needle

This is a sturdy needle nearly 15 cm long and can take a butcher’s twine. It can be straight or bent and is used for sewing the belly cavity of lamb or a chicken or veal. It can also be used to pierce the leg joint of a chicken or a turkey and helps to truss or shape the bird by tying the legs and wings together so that it looks more presentable.

  1. Sharpening Rod

This is a finely grooved rod that looks like a file. It has a sturdy handle and cross piece to ensure that the blade does not scratch your hand while you are using the tool.

  1. Swivel peeler

This is used to peel all kinds of fruits and is used in both the directions. It has a little scoop at the end of the blade that is used to scrap off rotten or imperfect pieces of fruits or vegetables.

  1. Microplane GraterSouth African Kitchen Essentials

A microplane grater is used for grating, shaving, shredding, zesting, curling, and pureeing ingredients like lemon, spices, and cheeses. This tool has a long body with fine or coarse teeth as suited for the requirement. Make sure that while storing a microplane grater, you put a protective sheath underneath it. Even though this tool is quite sturdy and easy to clean, it needs to be handled with care since it is very sharp.

Make sure that your kitchen houses the South African kitchen essentials so that it is easy to whip up scrumptious South African cuisine.


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South African Kitchen Essentials