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Jewish Kitchen Essentials


A Mandoline - for all grating tasksA few kitchen tools can help you create “knock-your-socks off” meals in your Jewish kitchen. Here is an account of the tools that can help you make your life easier in a Jewish kitchen.


A few must have essentials for the Jewish kitchen  are as follows:

  1. Grill pans

These are used for grilling everything ranging from a burger to fish and vegetables. One should look for the pans that have wide ridges since these allow a larger area of caramelization which imparts rich flavor in the food. It is preferable to use light weight aluminum pans rather than the traditional iron versions available since these are quite heavy.

  1. Mandoline

A mandoline helps save a lot of time in the kitchen. Ii enables the cook to create perfectly uniform vegetable slices, fruit slices and juliennes. These can specifically be used for fruits and vegetables like apples, potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. These usually have an adjustable blade; hence it is possible to get variable thickness of slices with a lot more precision and speed than using a traditional knife.

  1. Ovenproof Skillets

It is essential to know how to turn out large quantities of food at last minute when guests arrive unexpectedly. For this a skillet can be used that can survive high oven temperatures. These should be thick and heavy enough so that heat is conducted evenly to the food content. It can be used for crusting of food on top of a stove and then finishing off the process in an oven.

  1. Potato Masher

When you need the right kind of potato for a dish, the best equipment to use is a masher. These come in all shapes and sizes but most commonly these have a zigzag pattern. These mashers can also be used to make apple sauce, hummus, bagel shop-style egg salad and tuna fish.

  1. Tongs

These are an extension of human hands. Tongs are the most useful and versatile kitchen tool in every Jewish kitchen. One can buy tongs that come in various shapes and sizes. These come in handy when one is dealing with raw meat or piping hot foods. For grilling purposes, one can make use of extra long tongs and while serving food at the dining table, the shorter version can be preferred.Tongs- to pick up the stuff

  1. Kitchen Scissors

Scissors can be used to cut through meat or vegetables and are a boon for the chefs. Different versions are made for people who use their left hands to work. Make sure that you use one made up of carbon or stainless steel blades and that which has a comfortable handle to grip.

  1.  Ladles and measuring spoons

Make sure that you use ladles that have sufficient capacity to be used for sauces and soups. Also, since a lot of dishes require them, make sure that you have a lot of ladles stacked in your kitchen. You could prefer to use ladles with flat, diamond shaped bottoms for better pouring or its stainless steel or melamine types. Measuring spoons can be used for getting the right quantity for the right dish since precision is very important to come up with a perfect dish.

 These tools can be combined with a few gadgets like the food processor and blender to stock a Jewish kitchen perfectly.


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Jewish Kitchen Essentials