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Fusion Kitchen Essentials


Fusion Kitchen EssentialsA Fusion kitchen consists of tools that can help you cook dishes belonging to all countries and cultures. Here is a reference guide that would help you to set up a cross-cultural fusion kitchen.

A few Fusion kitchen essentials are as follows:


  1. Food processor

When you need to grate a large quantity of cheese to whip up a pizza or simply need to come up with sorbets that consist of frozen yoghurt and fruits, a food processor comes in handy. It can also be used for chopping herbs, mincing garlic, and even grinding spices. One can process oats to make whole grain oats flour and even process chicken breasts to make minced and well ground chicken using a food processor. Make sure that your Fusion kitchen is stacked with one of these so that no preparation is hindered to produce amazing dishes.


  1. Rubber spatulas

These are essential when it comes to healthy cooking and scarp off every last drop of the content in your pan or salad dressing out of the salad bowl.


  1. Non-stick cookware and bake ware

These may be the most expensive tools in a Fusion kitchen but they are a quintessential part of a modern kitchen. These allow the cook to cook with no or little oil and helps to cut out fats and calories from the food. One can start off by buying one or two pans like a medium or a large skillet or a saucepan, if the whole new set seems to be expensive. As far as baking equipment is concerned, a small, medium and a large baking sheet is essential for starters. Make sure that you use heat safe nylon or wooden utensils like spoons and spatulas on the noon-stick surface to prevent scratching or damage.


  1. Charcoal Grill/Smoker

A Fusion kitchen would be all empty without a charcoal grill. Cooking over open tops and embers of a charcoal is the classic way of cooking that enables a unique taste to seep through the meat or vegetables grilled on it. The charcoal grills currently available in market have the option for smoking the food too. So, why not grab one before announcing a fully-set up Fusion kitchen.


  1. Cheese Knives and Fruit knives

Cheese knives or slicer are used for slicing varieties of cheese since open faced sandwiches are had often during meal times. Hence keeping a variety of sausages and cheese ready to serve the purpose is essential in a Fusion kitchen. Special fruit knives are small curved knives. These are used at the meal table to prepare the fruit or dessert one intends to have. A Serrated knife is also used for slicing hard rolls. A special tool called the Spaetzle press or board and knife is used typically to make home-made noodles. An electric slicer is used for slicing meat.

Fusion Kitchen Essentials

  1. Salad Bowl

A large salad bowl with salad spoon and servers is a must have in a Fusion kitchen to come up with a variety of salads. The salad dressing is made at the bottom of the bowl, the greens like lettuce and other ingredients are placed on the top of the dressing and mixed well before serving.


The above tools can help you set up your global Fusion kitchen and get started to cook any dish under the sun.


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Fusion Kitchen Essentials