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Haute Kitchen Essentials

Haute Kitchen EssentialsWhether you are an avid collector of kitchen tools or a newbie, you need to stack your Haute kitchen with some essential tools and gadgets. Here is a guide for reference to give you an insight about Haute kitchen tools and their use.


A few must have Haute kitchen tools are as follows:


  1. Olive oil sprayer

These can be used to fill up the choice of olive oil that you wish to use in our cooking. Originally the pre-filled olive oil dispensers available in market may contain propellants and harmful additives. Hence it is suggested that you buy your own set of sprayers that are way better than the pre-filled ones.


  1. Kitchen scale

If we have a kitchen scale on the countertop, that does not require us to weigh eveeything in sight. It can very well be used for weighing protein like fish, beef, and chicken and even cheeses. Using a scale can help you keep a check on the portions of ingredients for a dish and prevent wastage and excess input of food items in a recipe. One can buy a very basic one or pick up a trendy scale that has a pull-out display and database of popular foods.


  1. Measuring cups and spoons

These are again used for portion control while cooking dishes. These can be used for measuring oil, water, honey etc and even for solids like spices, powdered sugar etc. that are essential ingredients for many dishes. One can buy a non-expensive, durable and dishwasher safe set of measuring cups and spoons that suit all measuring requirements in a Haute kitchen.


  1. French Press Coffee Pot

A or a French press coffeepot is very commonly used in a Haute kitchen to make pressed coffee that has a richer taste and thicker consistency the regular machine coffee.


  1. Raclette Grill

Raclette is a cow’s milk cheese that is used for melting and then scarped out from the plate. Nowadays it is served on a plate surmounted on this grill. Then the cheese is melted on the plate and mixed with vegetables. This tool is specific to Haute cooking style and hence a traditional essence.


  1. Pots and pans

Anti-adhesive pots and pans or the ones made or iron or copper always grace the countertops in a Haute kitchen. Some common pots and pans are the Asparagus steamer, a chestnut roaster, a couscoussier that is a traditional Moroccan pot used to steam couscous in it, a crepe pan, a Dutch over that is quite common in an American kitchen too, and a roasting pan as well.


  1. KnivesHaute Kitchen Essentials

A large chef’s knife and a Paring knife the most important utensils in a Haute kitchen. You could purchase a serrated bread knife or sharpening steel too. For ease of work, many other knives and choppers can be included in the knife set like the Berceau commonly known as the mezzaluna, Cheese knife, Chestnut knife, French fry cutter, Mandolin, Meat cleaver, Oyster knife and the poultry scissors.


This results in a beautiful Haute Kitchen!!


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Haute Kitchen Essentials