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Brittany Kitchen Essentials


Britanny Kitchen EssentialsA Brittany kitchen uses essentials that are greatly influenced by traditional French kitchens as well as some modern gadgets. Here is a guide to inform you about the essential Brittany kitchen tools.


The below listed tools and utensils are a must in a Brittany kitchen.


  1. Chinoise

It is a special kind of perforated conical sieve that is used to strain custards, purees, sauces and soups to produce a smooth texture .It can also be used to dust the pastry with a fine layer of powdered sugar.


  1. Croissant Cutter

A croissant cutter is used to process the cutting of dough used to bake these buns, in a right shape. It allows minimum waste of the dough. One should buy a stainless steel rolling croissant cutter with an ergonomic design, to carve out the perfect croissants.


  1. Gratin Dish

This is shallow open container used to prepare Gratin and other similar dishes by placing it under an overhead grill or broiler. Gratin is a shallow dish topped with a browned crust.


  1. Mousse Mold

Mousses are an essential dessert in Brittany cooking. To create the perfect mousse, you require the perfect mold. These can be large as well as very small in sizes and can be chosen according to need.


  1. BannetonBrittany Kitchen Essentials

It is a type of a basket that is used to provide structure to sourdough breads during proofing. The bread is removed from these baskets before baking. Traditionally made of wicker, these baskets are available nowadays as made up of silicone or plastic. Also, a couche or proofing cloth can be used to proof dough on or underneath. These are usually made of linen and other coarse material to aid the proofing process since the dough does not stick to it.


Additional to the above mentioned tools, one could buy a few gadgets like a coffee maker, food processor etc. to make cooking a quicker task!


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Brittany Kitchen Essentials