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Delhi Kitchen Essentials


Delhi Kitchen EssentialsA Delhi kitchen requires some basic tools as well as some amazing gadgets that make cooking a pleasurable experience. One can also stack a Delhi kitchen with some extra sets of cookware and utensils to cater to the needs of a food-loving typical Delhi family. Here is a guide for your perusal that enlists some Delhi kitchen essentials.

A few must have Delhi kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Convection microwave

Since Delhi is a big busy city, time is one commodity scarcely available. Hence to speed up cooking as well as to save storage space in a Delhi apartment, one must purchase a microwave oven. It can be used to bake and re-heat food. Some people prefer to use ovens but a microwave can serve the purpose as well as perform additional tasks as well.


  1. Quality knives

It is important to have good quality knives in any kitchen. One can purchase a set of stainless steel knives that last longer. Make sure that the knives purchased are forged and purchase a sharpener along with the knife set.


  1. Measuring cups and spoons

To get every detail, of cooking a dish, right; one needs to make use of measuring cups and spoons. These are not very costly but having a few of these in your kitchen can make your ingredient estimates exact and your dish perfectly cooked.


  1. Chopping boards

These make chopping, cutting, slicing tasks easy. A large board can be used for simultaneously placing different items to be chopped at different corners during the stages of preparation of a meal.


  1. Baking Pans

It is essential to stock up your Delhi kitchen with a set of tins and pans needed for cooking, frying and simmering food. Make sure that you buy a pie dish, a loaf tin, a baking tray, a cookie sheet, cookie cutters, a Wok and spring form pan as well for your Delhi kitchen.


  1. Mixing bowls

It is essential to have a set of mixing bowls in a Delhi kitchen for all the mixing and mincing tasks. The minimal requirement is a set of three mixing bowls that are durable, heat resistant and lightweight for all the cooking and baking activities. These come with rubber base rings that can help in placing these easily on the countertop of your kitchen. Stainless steel versions of the mixing bowls are also available in the market.

Delhi Kitchen Essentials

  1.   Mandoline slicer

Make sure that you buy a Mandoline slicer for your vegetarian kitchen. This can help in creating small sticks or vegetable shreds using which we can obtain French fry shapes. It helps in making the dish more presentable and quickens the pace of preparation also.


  1. Fine mesh sieve

A sieve can be used to strain sauces, for sifting flour, for rinsing rice and beans and to seed out citrus fruits. One can buy a standard 5 inches sieve to cater to all these needs.


Stack your Delhi kitchen with the above mentioned tools to cook up special delicacies and to have a happy cooking experience.


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Delhi Kitchen Essentials