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Amish Kitchen Essentials


Amish kitchen EssentialsA typical Amish kitchen consists of simple tools and is quite traditional in its set-up. The reference guide that follows will give you an insight about the modern Amish kitchen essentials that are a combination of traditional tools as well as hi-tech gadgets.


Here is a list of a few must haves in an Amish kitchen:

  1. Pots and pans

Different types of pans are used often in an Amish kitchen. Some of these are cake and bread pans, and cooking pots. One makes use of sauce pans and large bowls also for whipping up sauces and purees and mixing food ingredients. Make sure that you purchase all the pots and pans that are made of high quality stainless steel and/or glass.\

  1. Home Canning kits

An Amish kitchen must have a home canning kit that can help in storing vegetables, jellies and jams made at home. These can be useful for long term preservation of food items.

  1. Pie Birds

These are the tools used to bake perfect Amish pie. A pie bird is placed at the centre of a pie as it sets in the oven. This is useful for regulating the steam and to prevent the pie from boiling over.

  1. Knives

One of the most essential tools for an Amish kitchen is a set of sharp knives that can be used for cutting vegetables, bread and meat. A chef’s knife is a versatile knife that has a broad blade and a narrow handle. Except for tasks like deboning and carving food, almost every task can be performed using a chef’s knife. It should be 8 to 12 inches long and its structure makes it easier to grasp. Another essential knife in the kitchen is the Paring knife. It is used for peeling, coring apples and other less tedious cutting jobs. These provide close blade control and have typically 3 ½ inches to 4 ½ inches long blade. A serrated knife can be used in the kitchen to slice bread some soft fruits like tomatoes. Make sure that you buy a sharpener along with the set of knives.

  1. Non-electrical appliances

Amish people usually shy away from modern kitchen gadgets yet they do use many gadgets that are non-electrical in operation. One can find a butter churn in an Amish kitchen to make fresh butter. Also a cast iron waffle maker is used to make crunchy waffles. A handheld egg beater is often seen in traditional Amish kitchens. But these days, those who are driven by technology opt to purchase kitchen gadgets like blenders, juicers, food processors and toasters. So you could expect to find such equipments in an Amish kitchen.

  1. Spoons

A set of spoons is a quintessential kitchen tool. It is important to have one that comprises of a few gravy spoons and a big ladle for soups. Make sure that your spoon set is of stainless steel type. One can also buy an ergonomically designed mashing spatula that can be useful in executing various tasks like preparing mashed potatoes and other vegetables.


A good set of simple kitchen tools along with a few essential kitchen gadgets complete the kitchen tool set for an Amish kitchen.


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Amish Kitchen Essentials