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San Antonio Kitchen Essentials


San Antonio Kitchen essentialsA San Antonio kitchen should comprise of some simple and space-saving tools to save time and aggravation in the kitchen. Here is a list of tools that are quite essential to stock up your San Antonio kitchen. For a newbie the following reference guide could help you pick the right San Antonio kitchen tools.


  1. Salad Spinner

These are used for washing salads, greens, celery, leaks, and herbs as well. These can be used to wash off dirt from a lot of fruits and vegetables like grapes, peapods etc. A salad spinner can be available in many sizes. The initial versions were huge and difficult to store. But nowadays various types of salad spinners are available in the market that could cater to the needs of a few or a large number of people.


  1. Microplane Grater

A microplane rater is used for grating, shaving, shredding, zesting, curling and pureeing ingredients like lemon, spices and cheeses. This tool has a long body with fine or coarse teeth as suited for the requirement. Make sure that while storing a microplane grater, you put a protective sheath underneath it. Even though this tool is quite sturdy and easy to clean, it needs to be handled with care since it is very sharp.


  1. Cutting boards

It is interesting to note that a simple tool like a cutting board can be used for elaborate tasks and in a very intelligent manner to do so. To prevent cross-contamination and to reduce preparation time, one could buy two chopping boards, usually of different colors. One can be used for slicing and cutting meat and the other can be used for cutting vegetables. These are available in a variety of sizes and a thin enough to take up very little dishwasher and storage space.


  1. Knife Set

A knife is one tool no cook can do without. For all the tasks ranging from slicing vegetables to quartering a chicken, a Chef’s knife is required. To suit the budget and suffice the need one needs to buy a set of forged knives i.e. the steel of the blade is embedded till the bottom of the handle; to the slicing and dicing of meat and vegetables. In that case one can get a Paring knife too for coring apples or cutting strawberries. To make sure that you do not need to dash to the store every time the knives need to be sharpened, one could purchase an electric sharpener that comes in handy during times of need.


  1. Stock Pots

These are used for preparing soups, pastas, and purées. Make sure that the one in your kitchen is heavy and large and heats up quickly so that it is easy to cook your favorite recipes.

San Antonio kitchen essentials

  1. Swiss Peeler

A Swiss Peeler can peel the skin off a butternut squash or a carrot within seconds. A must have for all vegetable lovers!


All these tools can be stacked up in tiny kitchens to whip up large, scrumptious meals .A San Antonio kitchen is incomplete without these since they cater to the need of saving space and cooking a meal right!


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San Antonio Kitchen Essentials