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Provencal Kitchen Essentials

Provencal Kitchen Essen tials

To simmer up the spices in the right way, a few tools are essential in a Provencal kitchen. Here is a guide for reference for those of you who wish to set up their Provencal kitchen with the right set of tools. For those who are new to the Provencal kitchen concept, this kitchen  reflects the amalgamation of the taste and style of French and Mediterranean cooking. The result is food preparation in French style of cooking but way spicier than it. 

The list of Provencal Kitchen Essentials is as follows:

  1. Knives

For a Provencal kitchen the cutlery and knives need to be designed to carve meat, cut fruits and vegetables and shear meat from fat. Good kitchen cutlery is a lifetime investment, so it is important to choose the right set of knives for your Provencal kitchen. One needs to have a 6 inches to 12 inches Chef’s knife that is easy to grip and can be used to easily cut and chop due to its curved cutting surface. Another essential knife is the Paring knife that can be used to peel vegetables and to slice them. A serrated or scalloped knife can be used as a bread knife. For softer fruits like tomatoes, yet another serrated knife can be used. This is called the tomato knife.A garnish knife is a very small but sharp knife used for making thin cuts in fruits and vegetables. This can be used for decoration of salads. It is important to have a knife sharpener as well to ensure longevity of your cutlery. For ease of work, many other knives and choppers can be included in the knife set. These are the Berceau commonly known as the mezzaluna, Cheese knife, Chestnut knife, French fry cutter, Mandolin, Meat cleaver, Oyster knife and the poultry scissors.

  1. Pots and pans

Anti-adhesive pots and pans or the ones made or iron or copper always grace the countertops in a Provencal kitchen. Some common pots and pans are the Asparagus steamer, a chestnut roaster, a couscoussier that is a traditional Moroccan pot used to steam couscous in it, a crepe pan, a Dutch over that is quite common in an American kitchen too, and a roasting pan as well.Provencal Kitchen essentials

  1. Oil and vinegar Cruets

These are used for storing ingredients like oil to preserve them for a longer time and make it easy for dispensing these liquids while cooking. A Provencal kitchen is usually equipped, with the likes of these.

  1.  Press Coffee Pot

A or a press coffeepot is very commonly used in a Provencal kitchen to make pressed coffee that has a richer taste and thicker consistency the regular machine coffee.

  1. Mousse Mold

Mousses are an essential dessert in Provencal cooking. To create the perfect mousse, you require the perfect mold. These can be large as well as very small in sizes and can be chosen according to need.

  1. Handheld Juicer

A handheld juicer is also called the citrus squeezer or citrus press. This gadget can be used to squeeze out fruit juices san pulp and seeds very quickly. It is quite compact in size and does not take much space. It is shaped like a leaver attached by a hinge.

  1. Grater

A cheese grater is an essential preparation tool in a Provencal kitchen. You could prefer to use the traditional four-sided tower shaped grater or go for a flat, handheld type. To prevent any accidents like avoiding cuts on fingers, one could use the rotary version of the grater instead of the handheld tool.

  1. Croissant Cutter

A croissant cutter is used to process the cutting of dough in a right shape. It allows minimum waste of the dough. One should buy a stainless steel rolling croissant cutter with an ergonomic design, to carve out the perfect croissants.

Thus, the above mentioned tools would suffice the initial requirements to make your Provencal kitchen functional.

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Provencal Kitchen Essentials