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Mumbai Kitchen Essentials

Mumbai Kitchen Essentials

A Mumbai kitchen should be well-stocked with the traditional tools as well as latest kitchen gadgets. Here is a reference guide to provide you information about the right set of tools to choose for your Mumbai kitchen.

A few must have Mumbai kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Pans

A good set of non-stick pans with metallic base is essential in a Mumbai kitchen. These should have a sturdy heavy-duty handle and a lid with a steam outlet. One could have a set of two small pans, two large pans and one deep pan for frying dishes.

  1.  Rolling Pin and Flat pan or Roti maker

Marathi food is complete with the standard flat breads that are served with vegetables like Chapatis, Pao, Paranthas, and Bhatura.These are made by placing dough on a flat, round board and flattening it into a round shape so that it can be baked or fried. A rolling pin thus used to serve the purpose. Also a flat pan is used to bake the flat bread that is made using a rolling pin. It looks like an American skillet but is much larger in size. It is available as made up of cast iron or non-stick Flat pans are also readily available in the market. Instead of using the traditional equipment one could go for a Roti maker device in which one just needs to put in a ball of dough and in a few seconds puffed up bread is made.

  1.  Spice Rack.

Any Indian kitchen is incomplete without a spice rack. Traditionally a rectangular wooden box with compartments that have sliding lids, this has evolved from the traditional look and feel to being a metal container that holds small bowls that hold spices or masala.

  1. Food processor

A modern kitchen needs to have a food processor stacked on the countertop to quickly finish off the copping, mincing, mixing, grinding, and slicing tasks, which consume a lot of time in the kitchen. Make sure that you have a good quality food processor since it is easier to shell out money but not time, in Mumbai.

  1. Storage Jars

Glass or plastic storage jars are a must in a Mumbai kitchen. These can be used to store flour, ghee, oil, rice etc. Make sure that you have a good number of these in your Mumbai kitchen. The jars or containers should have fitted lids so as to avoid spoilage of food stuff.

  1. Karahi or Indian Wok

This Wok is quite different from the one used across in kitchens across other countries. It is much heavier, deeper and quite small as compared to that and is mainly used to fry and cook ingredients. It is mainly used for deep frying and long-simmering the dishes. It is made up of cast iron and should to be seasoned occasionally. But nowadays, non-stick Karahis are also available in the market. A karahi usually does not have any lid.

  1. Knives

A large chef’s knife and a Paring knife the essential tools in a Mumbai kitchen. You could purchase a serrated bread knife or sharpening steel too. Just make sure that you purchase high quality cutlery. For ease of work, many other knives and choppers can be included in the knife set. These are the Berceau commonly known as the mezzaluna, Cheese knife, Chestnut knife, French fry cutter, Mandolin, Meat cleaver, Oyster knife and the poultry scissors. Also one could add on a Paring knife as well. It can be used to peel vegetables and to slice them


Since a Mumbai kitchen needs to cater to the fast lifestyle of the city of Bollywood, you must have all the above mentioned kitchen tools in your Mumbai kitchen.


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Mumbai Kitchen Essentials