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Syrian Kitchen Essentials

Syrian Kitchen Essentials

Different kinds of tools are essential in a Syrian kitchen.  Here is a guide for your perusal to give you an insight about some Syrian kitchen essentials.

A few must have Syrian kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Coffee grinder

It is essential to have a good quality coffee grinder in a Syrian kitchen. It can be used to roast and grind spices and to extract the oil and aroma from them. The ground spices thus render additional flavors and aroma to Syrian cuisines.

  1. Cake pans

Syria is well known for its cakes and desserts.To come up with a beautiful cake, one needs to have a sturdy cake pan. These are available in many shapes. These are specifically used for cold molding i.e. to cool off the dessert and give it an interesting shape.

  1. Colander

To drain vegetables, a special tool called Colander is used. It is important to use the colander of the right size to rinse the amount of food you want. It comes in different types of materials ranging from copper, aluminum and plastic but what really matters is the size of the equipment best suited.

  1. Thermometer

This is one of the most essential tools that you need to have in your Syrian kitchen if you love to cook varieties of meat dishes. One can make use of a cheap version that costs nearly $10 or a fancy $100 one which is a little more convenient to use. It is important to calibrate the thermometer before use by sticking it in ice-cold water or boiling water and then reset it.

  1. Measuring cups and spoons

These are used for tasks like liquid and dry measures. Liquid measure refers to measuring materials like water, oil, and milk while dry measure refers to measuring powders like salt, sugar, and baking powder. This tool is essential if you aim to bake a perfect cake for a special occasion.

  1. Egg holder and poacher

This is one important tool for a Syrian kitchen. It is used to hold and poach egg. Make sure to buy a silicone egg holder since these are easy to clean and non-sticky in nature. These can be used at higher temperatures as well.Syrian kitchen essentials

  1. Heavy-Duty Food processor

There is no other life saver for a cook like a good food processor, in any kitchen across the globe. Purchase a heavy duty food processor, and keep away from the cheap models, so that it lasts for a longer time and has the extra horse-power needed for heavy processing.

  1. Knife set

A good set of knives is essential in a Syrian kitchen. For all the tasks ranging from slicing vegetables to quartering a chicken, a Chef’s knife is required. To suit the budget and suffice the need one needs to buy a set of forged knives i.e. the steel of the blade is embedded till the bottom of the handle, to the slicing and dicing of meat and vegetables. Though to keep it sharp, it is important to buy a knife sharpener as well. Also, one can get a Paring knife too for coring apples or cutting strawberries.

  1. Pots and pans

One can stock the kitchen with a minimalistic requirement of a few essential pots and pans, to begin with. A small pot for cooking potatoes in their cover and boiling eggs, frying pans of two different sizes, a stock pot, sauce pans of two different sizes, and a pressure cooker can be bought for a newly setup Syrian kitchen. One could also bring in some baking equipment in case, baking is your forte.

Even though Syrian cooking does not require any special tools, one must have a set of above mentioned tools in a Syrian kitchen!

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Syrian Kitchen Essentials