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Caribbean Kitchen Essentials

Carribean kitchen essentials

Common kitchen tools are sufficient to whip up the best Caribbean cuisines. A Caribbean  kitchen does not require a stock of special kitchen equipment.  Read through to get a glimpse of the tools that you must have in your Caribbean kitchen.

The list of Caribbean kitchen essentials is as follows:

  1. Caldero

Caldero means cauldron in English language. It is a huge cast iron pot that has a tight fitting lid on the top. It is very similar to the Dutch oven commonly used. A caldero is available in many sizes. It can be used to cook rice, to simmer vegetable stews and to braise meat. A good quality Caldero can be used for frying as well. For those who do not wish to buy one, you can make use of the Dutch oven present in your kitchen as well instead of a caldero. Make sure that you have the right sized oven with a tight lid on the top.

  1. Plaintain Press

This tool is used to make dishes like tostones. It is available in many materials like wood, plastic, or metal and varied sizes as well. There are two types of Plaintain press. One is used to flatten rounds for frying and the other is used to stuff Plaintains. The first type is usually lat on one side and has a rounded indentation on the other side. The second one has a ball on one side and a hole on the other. When this is pressed, the filling squeezes out of the hole and can be used to shape it into a cup.

  1. Mortar and Pestle

This is used to grind, crush, mix and mash herbs, spices and other food ingredients. These are usually made of ceramic, wood or stone. Even though these are replaced in modern kitchen by the food processors but the substitute is not capable of extracting the right flavor from the herbs as the traditional tool does. If you have a spice grinder, then there is no requirement to buy a mortar and pestle, in case you like to keep things simple and manageable.Caribbean Kitchne essentials

  1. Flan mold

Flan is a dessert cooked in almost every Caribbean kitchen across the world. It is important to purchase a good quality Flan mold to come up with a perfect flan dish. These molds are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Also these can be substituted by a glass casserole or a small baking dish that can be kept in a water bath inside a roasting pan.

  1. Charcoal Grill/Smoker/BBQ

Hot smoked salmon fillet or a succulent smoked pork shoulder sounds quite mouthwatering. A Caribbean kitchen is all empty without a charcoal grill. Cooking over open tops and embers of a charcoal is the traditional Caribbean way of cooking. The charcoal grills currently available in market have the option for smoking the food too. A good barbeque grill is one of the most important equipments for a Caribbean kitchen.

  1. Salad Bowl

A large salad bowl with salad spoon and servers is a must have in a Caribbean kitchen. The salad dressing is made at the bottom of the bowl, the greens like lettuce and other ingredients are placed on the top of the dressing and mixed well before serving.

  1. Knife Set

Also, a very essential tool set in a Caribbean kitchen is a high quality professional Knife set. One needs to buy forged knives i.e. the steel of the blade is embedded till the bottom of the handle, to the slicing and dicing of meat and vegetables. A sharp knife is one of the best investments for a kitchen. It saves a lot of energy, money and the labor to look for equipments like food processors and trendy cutters.

Make sure that you stock up your Caribbean kitchen with the likes of the above tools to cook Caribbean style food, the right way!


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Caribbean Kitchen Essentials