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Filipino Kitchen Essentials

Filipino kitchen essentials

A Filipino kitchen consists of all equipments that can enable the cook to boil, grill, steam and sauté the dishes. Here is a quick guide for reference to give you an insight about the essential Filipino kitchen tools.

A few Filipino kitchen essentials are as follows:

  1. Knives

A set of knives is an integral part of kitchen stock in a Filipino kitchen, just like any other kitchen. It consists of a chef’s knife, a Paring knife, a serrated knife, and a cleaver for chopping meat with bones. One needs to have a 6 inches to 12 inches Chef’s knife that is easy to grip and can be used to easily cut and chop due to its curved cutting surface. It is essential for slicing meat and poultry and chopping herbs, vegetables and herbs as well. Another essential knife is the 3.5 inches long Paring knife that can be used to peel, trim, mince as well as to slice vegetables. A serrated or scalloped knife can be used as a bread knife. For softer fruits like tomatoes, yet another serrated knife can be used. This is called the tomato knife. Make sure that the knife set is made of high carbon steel. One can buy a cleaver to complete the set.

  1.  Honing steel

Instead of rushing to the nearest store for sharpening your cutlery, one can buy a sharpening rod called the honing steel. This is mainly used for sharpening the knives and is used immediately before or after its use. It is usually made of steel, ceramic or diamond coated steel. These can be flat, oval or round in cross-section and nearly one foot long.

  1. Two chopping boards or Sangkalan

A chopping board is an important tool in a Filipino kitchen. One can prefer to have two chopping boards for simultaneously chopping and cutting more than one ingredient. You can choose a wooden chopping board for these tasks. Also some plastic versions are available in the markets that come in various sizes. It is suggested that you should prefer plastic boards over wooden ones since these harbor less bacteria than the wooden counterparts.Filipino kitchen essentials

  1.  Vegetable peeler

A good vegetable Peeler can peel the skin off a butternut squash or a carrot within seconds. This is a must have for all vegetable lovers. These are available in many designs and sizes as well. A good peeler usually has a swivel action blade that conforms to the shape of the vegetable being peeled.

  1. Blender

A blender does come in handy for preparing dishes of all kinds and catering for all tastes. Be it vegetarian, vegan, fast food, or non-vegetarian homemade food, a blender can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes. To come up with rich creamy smoothies and to get the perfectly ground spices or coffee, on needs to have a good quality blender in your Filipino kitchen.

  1. Mixing Bowls

A glass or stainless steel mixing bowl is very essential in a Filipino kitchen. One doesn’t need to buy a set of bowls. One big mixing bowl would be fine for use. Avoid using plastic mixing bowls. Mixing is a lot lesser messy in a glass or stainless steel bowl.

  1.  Rolling pins

This is a cylindrical rod with small handles at either ends. It is mainly used to roll out and flatten dough, pastry and other uncooked food. These are available in various materials like, steel, wood and even plastic versions are available these days. One should opt for a thin cast iron rolling pin that can last for a longer duration. A good rolling pin makes tasks like making bread and cakes a lot easier.


Thus, the above set of tools could help you whip up amazing dishes in your Filipino kitchen.


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Filipino Kitchen Essentials