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Your Best Kitchen Knives A Basic Set For Your Kitchen

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When you are shopping for the home it is no different that shopping for anything else in this world, you get what you pay for and that has always been a universal truth. This holds so true when you are shopping for the home. You purchase curtains, carpets and furniture and you want quality. The same holds true for your kitchen. You want top notch equipment in your kitchen. If you are looking for the best kitchen knives you can get money will always be a consideration. If you have never purchased kitchen knives before this article can help. Here I will list a basic set of knives that are common to most kitchens and that will allow you to accomplish the lion's share of all your kithen chores.

One of the most common of all knives, the French knife. The most common sizes are 8 and 10 inch. This is your basic all around utility knife for cutting and chopping.

The paring knife is your small 3 or 4 inch handy buddy for cutting tomatoes and small vegetables. Great for seeding chili peppers and peeling chores.

A bread knife for cutting bread if you like to bake. Myself, last I heard you could buy bread already sliced at the market. Of course I don't bake! You can also use the bread knife for slicing roasts and other cuts of meat as long as you don't hit bone and ruin the edge.

The carving knife is a good one for of course carving, like on the holiday's when you have a ham or turkey to take care of after it is cooked. Don't use the bread knife for this chore.

A small utility knife 6 to 7 1/2 inches for small slicing and cutting jobs. I love it! Watche Emeril on TV, he does a lot of work with a little 7 1/2 inch utility knife.

This should be a good starting point for most people and down the line you can always add to it and have the best kitchen knives possible for your cooking endeavors.

To learn more about kitchen knives then please visit my blog entry about the best kitchen knives or my kitchen knives video.

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Your Best Kitchen Knives A Basic Set For Your Kitchen