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Dallas Kitchen Essentials


Dallas Kitchen EssentialsA Dallas kitchen needs to be stocked with basic tools as well as hi-tech gadgets. This is so, since time is not a liberty in the big bustling Dallas city. Here is a guide to give you an insight into the right kind of tools required to set up your Dallas kitchen.

A few Dallas kitchen essentials are as follows:

  1. Knives

For a Dallas kitchen the cutlery and knives need to be designed to cut fruits and vegetables, chop meat and a multitude of other tasks. Good kitchen cutlery is a lifetime investment, so it is important to choose the right set of knives for your Dallas kitchen. One needs to have a 6 inches to 12 inches Chef’s knife that is easy to grip and can be used to easily cut and chop due to its curved cutting surface. Another essential knife is the Paring knife that can be used to peel vegetables and to slice them. A serrated or scalloped knife can be used as a bread knife. For softer fruits like tomatoes, yet another serrated knife can be used. This is called the tomato knife. A garnish knife is a very small but sharp knife used for making thin cuts in fruits and vegetables to make decorative salads. 

  1. Tongs

This is one of the most useful kitchen tools. It can very well be called the third hand in the kitchen since it can be used for a variety of tasks like turning meat on barbecue, to loosen boiling spaghetti, turn the meat pieces in the stew, to fish out nuggets from oil after frying, or to simply toss a salad.

  1. Food Processor

This is one equipment without which it is practically impossible to survive in the Dallas kitchen. If you love to cook elaborate meals and latkes and homemade mayo are your favorites, your savior is a food processor. This is a gadget that can help you chop, whip, slice, grind and mix food by just a push of a button. If shelling out money to buy one is a hassle, you could buy the handy three-cup choppers instead that can also serve the purpose to an extent. For those who do not require a gadget for any elaborate processes, you could buy a hand held mixer that greatly reduces the effort to be put in cooking. It is used for mixing, folding, beating and whipping food ingredients. Make sure that you do not confuse a mixer with a blender.

  1. Mixing bowls

A set of mixing bowls is imperative in a Dallas kitchen for all the mixing and mincing tasks. The minimal requirement is a set of three mixing bowls that are durable, heat resistant and lightweight for all the cooking and baking activities. These come with rubber base rings that can help in placing these easily on the countertop of your kitchen. Stainless steel versions of the mixing bowls are also available in the market.

  1. Scale

For those who are into baking, a scale is a must have in the kitchen. You get the right measurement s for the right bake and voila a perfect dessert is ready!

  1. Whisk

A Whisk is a very important tool in a Dallas kitchen. For a quick omelet or other quick bites, you need to have a sturdy whisk in your kitchen. Make sure that your whisk is without any bends.

  1. Swiss Peeler

A Swiss Peeler can peel the skin off a butternut squash or a carrot within seconds. A must have for all vegetable lovers!

These are a few of the Dallas Kitchen Essentials that you need to keep handy if you want to set up a perfect kitchen.

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Dallas Kitchen Essentials