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San Francisco Kitchen Essentials


One of the most vivacious cities in America i.e. the San Francisco city is well-known for its classic American style food as well apart form the chilly winters and beautiful locations. A San Francisco kitchen will, thus, be an interesting part of a San Francisco home. Let us take a peek at the San Francisco kitchen essentials that make the food all that interesting!

The list of important San Francisco kitchen tools is as follows:

  1. Chinois

This is a cone shaped sieve used for straining soups, custard, and stocks as well. This tool helps in straining out any liquid or sauce to produce a smoothly textured version of the liquid. This has a fine mesh with a long handle attached that makes it easy to grip the sieve. This makes straining a quicker and easy process. It can be used in place of a sifter as well and thus can be used to dust pastries with sugar.

  1. Digital scale

A scale is used for weighing and measuring food quantities. Precision in measurement can be of utmost importance in some case like baking a cake; hence one requires a scale in a San Francisco kitchen. A digital scale can be used to calculate both metric and standard weights of any kind of ingredient. This scale can measure up to 11 pounds which is more than enough for a cook.

  1. Handheld juicer

It is also called the citrus squeezer or citrus press. This gadget can be used to squeeze out fruit juices sans pulp and seeds very quickly. It is quite compact in size and does not take much space. It is shaped like a leaver attached by a hinge.

  1. Mortar and pestle

You can use mortar and pestle in stone or wood. The stone mortar that can be used for grinding spices, crushing herbs or garlic that make the food flavorful. It is preferable to use the stone and wood mortar and pestle, since they are said to resist the retention of the taste and aroma of the food items pretty well.

  1. Food Processor

This is one equipment without which it is practically impossible to survive in the San Francisco kitchen. If you love to cook elaborate meals, latkes, and homemade mayo, your savior is a food processor. This is a gadget that can help you chop, whip, slice, grind, and mix food with just a push of a button. If you are ready to shell out money to buy one, you could invest in a handy three-cup choppers instead that can also serve the purpose to an extent. 

  1. Mixing bowls

It is essential to have a set of mixing bowls in a San Francisco kitchen for all the mixing and mincing tasks. The minimal requirement is a set of three mixing bowls that are durable, heat resistant, and lightweight for all the cooking and baking activities. These come with rubber base rings that keep the bowls stable. 

  1. Thermometer

For those who love to cook meat, this is one of the most essential tools that you need to have in your San Francisco kitchen. You can buy a cheap and useful $10 version or a fancy $100 one which is a little more convenient to use. Make sure that you calibrate the thermometer before use by sticking it in ice-cold water or boiling water and then reset it.


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San Francisco Kitchen Essentials