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Malaysian Kitchen Essentials


Malaysian Kitchen EssentialsA Malaysian kitchen is well known to produce exotic spicy dishes that lure people across the world into trying out various specialties. This kitchen is equipped with a set of tools that are easily available at the nearest store. Peruse through the below list of Malaysian kitchen essentials that are a must have for your Malaysian kitchen.

Some basic yet essential Malaysian kitchen tools are:

  1. Mortar and pestle

These are available in different sizes and colors. The stone mortar and pestle can be used for grinding spices, crushing herbs or garlic that add flavor and also to pulverize foods like seeds also. It is preferable to use the stone and wood mortar and pestles available since they are said to resist the retention of the taste and aroma of the food items pretty well. In case you can afford one, a blender can be easy to use equipment.

  1. Colander

You need colander to drain vegetables and it is important to use the colander of the right size to rinse the amount of food you want. It comes in different types of materials ranging from copper, aluminum, and plastic but what really matters is the size of the equipment. But make sure that you do not buy the poor quality chrome imitations of a colander which tend to rust in humid weather conditions.

  1. Cutting board and knives

A Malaysian kitchen cannot do without a hefty wooden board, which is used for everyday cutting, chopping, and even serving cheese at a party. A large board can be used for simultaneously placing different items to be chopped at different corners during the stages of preparation of a meal. Also to serve the purpose you could bring in a 6 ½ inches chef knife and small paring knife to start with. 

  1. Rice cooker

Also a rice cooker is quite essential in a Malaysian kitchen since rice is an important part of a Malaysian meal. These gadgets absorb the water completely and you don’t need to worry about the rice being overheated once it is put in a rice cooker.Malaysian kitchen essentials

  1. Steamer

A Malaysian kitchen is incomplete without a traditional Bamboo steamer that can be used as a serving tray as well. More than one layer of food can be steamed in these steamers which is quite advantageous.

  1. Wok

A wok or a frying pan can be used to bake, dry roast, fry, boil, steam, brew, and braise food. It is usually made up of steel and aluminum these days. It is highly recommended to use a carbon steel Wok that has a round bottom. Also, such a Wok needs to be seasoned before being put to use. These usually come with a steel ring to hold the Wok in place while cooking.

  1. Wire strainer

It is a long, flat, and wired tool that is used to segregate solids from liquids like noodles from boiling water or deep-fried foods from oil. A 6 inches diameter Strainer can be used in a Malaysian kitchen to cook the wanton dumplings you deeply crave for. A smaller version of the strainer called the hotpot strainer is also used for steamboat cooking. Here the food is cooked at the dinner table itself to serve it while it is hot. Your kitchen is thus dressed up in an All Malaysian style!


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Malaysian Kitchen Essentials