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Greek Kitchen Essentials


Greek kitchen essentialsGreek cooking requires repeated use of the same kind of tools while cooking a variety of dishes. Hence it is essential to have a durable set of tools in a Greek kitchen. Here is a guide for reference, which encapsulates the Greek kitchen essentials, for those who wish to set up a kitchen in Greek style.

Some important Greek kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Mortar and pestle

These are available in different sizes and colors. It is a stone mortar that can be used for grinding spices, crushing herbs or garlic that add flavor to any kind of Greek cuisine and to pulverize seeds also. It is preferable to use the stone and wood mortar and pestle available since they are said to resist the retention of the taste and aroma of the food items pretty well.

  1. Spoons, ladles, and  Spatula

An ergonomically designed mashing spatula can help in various tasks like preparing mashed potatoes and other vegetables. A sturdy, inexpensive wooden spoon can be used for stirring the dishes and make sure that you buy a spoon with a smooth surface. A silicone spatula should neither be too firm nor too flexible. It can be used for stirring and mixing food at higher temperatures and is easy to clean also. Make sure that you use ladles that have sufficient capacity to be used for sauces and soups. 

  1. Olive oil can

It is important to store olive oil, an essential component of Greek cuisine, cautiously. Hence one must have an olive oil can in a Greek kitchen. A polished stainless steel container can prevent the damaging exposure of olive oil to light.

  1. Spice grater

A Greek kitchen is incomplete without its stack of spices, available in their whole form, like nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice. One can get a spice grater to grate these spices and use them as required since grating the spices just before use ensures that you get the best aroma and flavor in the dish.

  1. Cheese grater

A cheese grater is an essential preparation tool in a Greek kitchen. You could prefer to use the traditional four-sided tower shaped grater or go for a flat, handheld type. To prevent any accidents like avoiding cuts on fingers, one could use the rotary version of the grater instead of the handheld tool.

  1. Pepper grinder

Freshly ground pepper can spice the dish up to astronomical levels. Hence it is best to use a pepper grinder in your Greek kitchen to prepare an authentic Greek meal. It should have an adjustable grind that ranges from fine to coarse.

  1. Straight wood rolling pin

This type of rolling pin is used to roll out dough used for baking Greek pastries and is the traditional version of the rolling pins used in Greek kitchens. This pin allows application of uniform pressure across the dough.

  1. Honey dipper

Greek sweets are usually drizzled with honey. Hence a honey dipper is essential in a Greek kitchen so that it becomes easy to fetch honey from the pots and smear it on the sweets.Greek kitchen essentials

  1. Pastry/ Basting brush

The pastry or Basting brush is commonly used for brushing phyllo dough with oil or butter for making pastries, coating vegetables with olive oil, and simply greasing the pans in a Greek kitchen. It is advisable to stock in a few since these come in handy often.


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Greek Kitchen Essentials