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Russian Kitchen Essentials


Russian Kitchen EssentialsRussian cooking is both simple as well as specialized and so are the Russian kitchen essentials. Though most of the tools used in a Russian kitchen are same as those used across other cultures, a few specialized tools are used for some specific dishes. The following guide gives a vivid account of Russian kitchen essentials that one ought to have in a Russian kitchen.

A few essential Russian kitchen tools are as follow:

  1. Fish poacher and spatula

Fish is a very common element of Russian meals. Hence a fish poacher and spatula are essential. A fish spatula is a long, flat, and angular tool with slots to drain off liquids like oil from fish on turning it over. To cook a full fish fillet, a special kind of pan is used. This is long and narrow in shape. This design allows fitting in the entire fillet into the pan for cooking. These come with a rack also that can be lifted out to remove fillets and steak without breaking the cooked pieces.Russian Kitchen Essentials

  1. Pech Stove

A special stove called the Pech stove is generally used in a Russian kitchen. It allows cooking and can be used as warming equipment for home as well. This enables the heat from the stove to spread into the house thus keeping it warm. Replacing this older version, which was suitable for the climatic conditions as well, modern stoves are the equipments in vogue for a Russian kitchen.

  1. Latki or Zharovnia

These can be called the ancestors of the modern frying pan. Latki is also called Zharovnia sometimes. These are shallow pots which are made of clay. Food that is to be fried is held in the pot and the excess oil in the food is drained off from the spout of the pot.

  1. Knives

One of the most essential tools for a Russian kitchen is a set of sharp knives that can be used for cutting vegetables, bread, and meat. A chef’s knife is a versatile knife that has a broad blade and a narrow handle. Except for tasks like deboning and carving food, almost every task can be performed using a chef’s knife. It should be 8 to 12 inches long and its structure makes it easier to grasp. Another essential knife in the kitchen is the Paring knife. It is used for peeling, coring apples and other less tedious cutting jobs. These provide close blade control and have typically 3 ½ inches to 4 ½ inches long blade. A serrated knife can be used in the kitchen to slice bread or soft fruits like tomatoes.Russian kitchen essentials

  1.  Stock Pot

A large stock pot is an important Russian kitchen tool since soups and stews are an integral part of Russian meals. These can be used to prepare broths as well as stocks. Boiling vegetables and poaching dumplings in meat broths becomes less tedious if you have one of these in your all- Russian kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Scissors

Scissors can be used to cut through meat or vegetables and are a boon for the chefs. Different versions are made for people who use their left hand to work. Make sure that you use one made up of carbon or stainless steel blades and that which has a comfortable handle to grip.

  1.  Cutting board

A hefty wooden board is a quintessential tool in a Philadelphia kitchen. It can serve many basic purposes like everyday cutting, chopping, and even serving cheese at a party. A large board can be used for simultaneously placing different items to be chopped in preparation of a meal.

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Russian Kitchen Essentials