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German Kitchen Essentials


German Kitchen EssentialsA German kitchen is used most often since Germans prefer home cooked meals over outside food. A German kitchen is well stocked at all times. Here is a reference guide for your perusal to make you well aware of a few German Kitchen Essentials.

A few must have German kitchen tools are as follows:

  1. Einkaufskorb

It is the German version of a shopping basket that is usually made of wicker. It can be used along with the cloth bags during shopping. You can always find one in a German kitchen.

  1. Frustuckbrett

These are small cutting boards also called as breakfast boards. These are used as plates for breakfast and snacks. These are very practical in use since these are usually unbreakable and easy to clean. A typical Frustuckbrett or breakfast board does not have a lip and is the right shape for a bread slice.German Kitchen Essentials

  1. Potato masher/ricer

These are used for preparing mashed potatoes and pureed potatoes respectively

  1. Cheese Knives and Fruit knives

Cheese knives or slicer are used for slicing varieties of cheese since open faced sandwiches are had often during meal times. Hence keeping a variety of sausages and cheese ready to serve the purpose is essential in a German kitchen. Special fruit knives are small curved knives. These are used at the meal table to prepare the fruit or dessert one intends to have. A Serrated knife is also used for slicing hard rolls. A special tool called the Spaetzle press or board and knife is used typically to make home-made noodles. An electric slicer is used for slicing meat.

  1. Coffee Pot or Tea Pot

A coffee pot or press for breakfast and tea-time is a quintessential tool in a German kitchen. Coffee is called as ‘Kaffee’, and the Germans usually prefer it to be quite strong. Even a tea-pot can be found in a German kitchen since Germans are fond of the beverage. The entire set up consisting of a teapot, tea light stove, tea net or ball, and a tea cozy is a must have in a German kitchen. Even an electric kettle is a welcome equipment used for boiling water.

  1. Salad Bowl

A large salad bowl with salad spoon and servers is a must have in a German kitchen. The salad dressing is made at the bottom of the bowl, the greens like lettuce and other ingredients are placed on the top of the dressing and mixed well before serving.German Kitchen Essentials

  1. Beverage tools

In north Germany, people usually drink more beer and in South, wine is a preferred beverage. Hence to cater to both choices of beverage, it becomes essential to have a Beer bottle opener and a corkscrew. One needs to have beer glasses that are slightly tapered towards the bottom and have no handle, for a Southerner’s drink. A wine drinker would of course need wine glasses and champagne flutes for the occasional celebratory toast.


  1. Cloth Napkins and Napkin rings

These are a must have for all well-equipped German kitchens. Germans prefer to have a separate napkin ring for each individual to distinguish it from the rest of the family. Napkins are used for different meals and washed again for the next one.

  1. Pots and pans

One can stock the kitchen with the minimalistic requirement of a few essential pots and pans to begin with. A small pot for cooking potatoes in their cover and boiling eggs, frying pans of two different sizes, a stock pot, sauce pans of two different sizes, and a pressure cooker can be bought for a newly setup German kitchen. One could also bring in some baking equipment in case baking is your forte. This can include a Gugelhupf pan for baking Gugelhupf cake, a loaf pan, Sheet pan for cookies, and Springform pans for baking cheesecakes.


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German Kitchen Essentials