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Arabic Kitchen Essentials

Arabic Kitchen Essentials

Arabic food offers a massive and varied selection of food items and reflects the cultural diversity embedded in the Arabic way of life. It is thus essential, to have the right kind of tools in your kitchen to capture the essence of rich Arabic cuisine. Here is a reference guide to give you an insight about how and using which tools can you set up a kitchen that has all the Arabic Kitchen Essentials.

The list of must have Arabic kitchen tools is as follows:

  1. Couscousiere

A staple dish in Arab is the couscous. To cook a couscous dish, the tool used is called the quadra wa alkaskas or the couscousiere. It consists of two compartments. The lower compartment called the Burma is used to cook meat and vegetables and the upper compartment called the kesskess is used for cooking couscous. The vapors from the perforated lower compartment are allowed to rise to the upper part, thus enabling the steaming of couscous.

  1. Tagine and Majmar

It is the traditional earthenware in which the food is cooked. The food prepared in this cookware is also referred to as the Tagine. A stew made of lamb or chicken that is simmered for a long time in a shallow pan with a conical lid is an example of a Tagine. The dish is placed on open fire or a bed of charcoals to heat it for prolonged durations. A charcoal brazier made up of terracotta is used to heat up the Tagine. This is called as the Majmar. A point of caution in this case is that one has to prevent the overheating of the cookware resulting in burning the bottom of the dish. This is done by using a heat diffuser.

  1. Magraffa

It is a large ladle and is used for stirring, preparation and distribution of food as well. Traditionally it was made of wood, but nowadays a stainless steel, long, hand-held ladle can be useful for scooping, stirring and serving meals.

Arabic Kitchen Essentials

  1. Rakwah Qahwah

It is a small coffee pot used to prepare Arabic coffee. A must have equipment in an Arabic kitchen; the Rakwah Qahwah has a long spout and is used for brewing coffee.

  1. Hawan or Madaqqa

It is the Arabic version of mortar and pestle used across various cultures. It is typically used to crush coffee, spices, nuts and herbs such as parsley, cilantro and garlic.

  1. Sebkh, Safoud, Shish

These are the Arabic skewers made up of metal or a wood stick to hold pieces of food like kebabs together. These are used for grilling or roasting pieces of meat. Metal skewers are made of stainless steel and have a pointed end. The other end is used to grip the skewer and for removing the food. It is advisable to soak the skewer before using a wooden one. Usually a wooden skewer is made up of bamboo wood.

  1. Arabic Kitchen Essentials
    Finjan chai or Istikan

These are small tea glasses in which a special Arabic spicy tea called Finjan is served. These are ceramic or porcelain vessels having an hour glass shape.


  1. Dalla

This is also a pot with a long curved spout and handle. This is also used for brewing coffee.

  1. Ibrik

It is an Arabic pot similar to Dalla with a long spout. It is used for brewing liquids like oil and wine. It is also called as Cezve. The pot size is quite small and the top is much narrow than the bottom. Ibriks are generally made up of brass or hammered copper. One can easily find the stainless steel versions in market these days.


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Arabic Kitchen Essentials