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Chicago Kitchen Essentials


Chicago Kitchen EssentialsOne of the largest cities in America, Chicago is a one stop destination if one wishes to experience the diversity of food. Chicago food consists of a list of items like the Italian Beef/Sausage, Pizzas, Hot dog, steaks, and Polish food to name a few. So to cook a plethora of dishes where variety is the key, a Chicago kitchen needs to be stacked with all the essential tools. Here is a reference guide to get the right Chicago kitchen tools for your beautiful kitchen.

A few must haves in your kitchen to equip you with everything you need are as follows:

  1.  A good Quality Knife

A sharp knife is one of the best investments for a kitchen. It saves a lot of energy, money and the labor to look for equipments like food processors and trendy cutters. You could bring in a 6 ½ inches chef knife and small paring knife to start with. With these two knives alone, nearly 90 percent of work can be completed in the kitchen.

  1.  Melamine mixing bowls

It is essential to have a set of mixing bowls in a Chicago kitchen for all the mixing and mincing tasks. The minimal requirement is a set of three mixing bowls that are durable, heat resistant and lightweight for all the cooking and baking activities. These come with rubber base rings that can help in placing these easily on the countertop of your kitchen. Stainless steel versions of the mixing bowls are also available in the market.

  1. Tongs

A pair of tongs comes in handy when you have to turn meat in a barbecue, loosen boiling spaghetti, to fish out deep-fried nuggets or to simply toss a salad. One can serve food on the table also using a small pair of tongs. It is a simple, handy, and an essential tool to have.

  1. Stainless Steel Frying pan

A Chicago kitchen must have a versatile stovetop-to-oven frying pan. It can be used to sear a steak or dissolve sugar. A good pan can last for years.Chicago Kitchen Essentials

  1. Silicone spatula

A silicone spatula should neither be too firm nor too flexible. It can be used for stirring and mixing food at higher temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to clean also.

  1. Fine mesh sieve

A sieve can be used to strain sauces, for sifting flour, for rinsing rice and beans and to seed out citrus fruits. One can buy a standard 5 inches sieve to cater to all these needs.

  1. Cutting board

A hefty wooden board is a quintessential tool in a Chicago kitchen. It can serve many basic purposes like everyday cutting, chopping and even serving cheese at a party. A large board can be used for simultaneously placing different items to be chopped at different corners during the stages of preparation of a meal

  1. Immersion blender

It is a blender that can be handheld and is used to whip up salad dressing, to emulsify sauces, and blend thick creamy smoothies. Modern day blenders come with a whisk and a chopper that can help you do away with the need of a food processor.

  1. Baking sheet

A baking sheet can be used for drying bread in the oven for crumbs, holding shish kebabs headed to a barbecue and loads of everyday tasks in a kitchen.

  1. Dutch Oven

A variety of dishes like Turkey Chili, Beef stew, Green Pork stew, Boston baked beans, Chicken and Biscuits are made in these heavy and versatile pots. You should go for a high quality Dutch oven when choosing one for your kitchen.


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Chicago Kitchen Essentials