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Moroccan Kitchen Essentials

Moroccan Kitchen Essentials

The diversity of Moroccan culture is vividly reflected in Moroccan cuisines. These dishes are cooked using traditional cookware and tools. So if you are thinking of setting up a Moroccan kitchen in your house, here is a guide that houses all the essential Moroccan kitchen tools.



The following kitchen tools need to be acquired before you start cooking classic Moroccan dishes:

  1. Tagine and Majmar

It is the traditional earthenware in which the food is cooked. The food prepared in this cookware is also referred to as the Tagine. A stew made of lamb or chicken that is simmered for a long time in a shallow pan with a conical lid is an example of a Tagine. The dish is placed on open fire or a bed of charcoals to heat it for prolonged durations. A charcoal brazier made up of terracotta is used to heat up the Tagine. This is called as the Majmar. A point of caution in this case is that one has to prevent the overheating of the cookware resulting in burning the bottom of the dish. This is done by using a heat diffuser.

  1. Couscousiere

Another staple dish in Morocco is the couscous. To cook a couscous dish, the tool used is called the quadra wa alkaskas or the couscousiere.I consists of two compartments. The lower compartment is used to cook meat and vegetables and the upper compartment is used for cooking couscous. The vapors from the perforated lower compartment are allowed to rise to the upper part, thus enabling the steaming of couscous.Moroccan kitchen essentials

  1. L’barrade

Moroccans are fond of drinking the aromatic mint tea which is an all-day refresher and hence served in a teapot called as the L’barrade.It is made up of either tin, silver plate or stainless steel. The teapot has a long spout that helps in forming froth when the tea is poured from a high distance. The mint twigs are left to brew in the pot along with green tea and sugar for sometime before serving the tea.Moroccan Kitchen Essentials

  1. Cooking Pots and Pans

The most commonly used cookware in preparing Moroccan food is maqla, quarda, tanjir, and tanjra. Maqla is a copper skillet. Quarda and tanjir are larger copper cooking pots. Also, the tanjra is a clay pot that can be found in stainless steel also these days.

  1. Sieves

Different types of sieves are also used in a Moroccan kitchen like the ghobral and the chtato. Ghobral is made up of pierced leather and the chtato is a fine sieve lined with silk.

  1. Mehraz

Mehraz or the mortar and pestle used in a Moroccan kitchen is made up of brass. It is typically used for grinding spices, nuts and herbs such as parsley, cilantro and garlic.

  1. Gsaa

This is a special type of Moroccan cookware made up of wood or clay. It is large, heavy and shallow and is thus used for kneading dough or for prepping and serving large amounts of dishes.


  1. Along with the above listed items some regular tools like knives, spoons, spatulas are used for stirring, cutting, chopping and other activities in the kitchen.


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Moroccan Kitchen Essentials