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Chinese Kitchen Essentials

Chinese Kitchen Essentials

The exquisite taste of Chinese cuisine and its abundance is quite overwhelming. This is what makes Chinese food popular among people across continents. To cook such recipes and produce the perfect taste of China, your need to carefully setup a Chinese kitchen. Here is a reference guide to pick up the right Chinese kitchen tools.

The list of tools that are haves in a Chinese kitchen is as follows:

  1. Wok.

A wok or a frying pan can be used to bake, dry roast, fry, boil, steam, brew, and braise food. It is usually made up of steel and aluminum these days. It is highly recommended to use a carbon steel Wok that has a round bottom. Also, such a Wok needs to be seasoned before being put to use. These usually come with a steel ring to hold the Wok in place while cooking.

  1. Cleaver.

A Cleaver can be used for many purposes in Chinese cooking. One can mince garlic (an essential ingredient of Chinese food), cut vegetables into thin beautiful shapes and to peel fresh water chestnuts. Of course, for those who would not prefer to do it the traditional way, you could buy a meat grinder from the market to suffice the need.Chinese Kitchen Essentials

  1. Spatula.

The Chinese spatula is designed to stirring the ingredients present in a Wok. It is flat with rounded edges to fit the utensil. The Chinese version is much steadier than its American counterpart as it is used to stir and toss large quantities of food.

  1.  Steamer.

A Chinese kitchen is incomplete without a traditional Bamboo steamer that can be used as a serving tray as well. More than one layer of food can be steamed in these steamers which is quite advantageous.

  1. Chinese wire strainer.

It is a long, flat, and wired tool that is used to segregate solids from liquids like noodles from boiling water or deep-fried foods from oil. A 6 inches diameter Strainer can be used in a Chinese kitchen to cook the wanton dumplings you deeply crave for. A smaller version of the strainer called the hotpot strainer is also used for Chinese steamboat cooking. Here the food is cooked at the dinner table itself to serve it while it is hot.

  1. Chopsticks.

Chopsticks can be used for stir-frying, mixing ingredients and eating food as well due to easy maneuverability through the food. The Chinese way of having food using chopsticks might reflect to be difficult but it is an art nonetheless.

  1. Chinese chopper.

It is a versatile tool used to chop and dice meat and vegetables. The back side of a traditional Chinese chopper is used to tenderize meat by bashing the meat using it. The wide side of it is used to crush garlic or carry the chopped ingredients to the Wok. A heavy chopper can help chop through bones and a light one can be used for chopping vegetables.Chinese Kitchen Essentials

  1. Cutting Board.

A wooden or acrylic cutting board is most suitable of a Chinese kitchen where a lot of slicing and chopping happens.

  1. Clay-pot.

A traditional subtle version of an American casserole, a clay pot defines a Chinese kitchen. The food in a clay pot is cooked on the stove top. Its major advantage is that due to uniform distribution of heat, the food in a clay pot can stay piping hot for hours together.

  1. Also a rice cooker is quite essential in a Chinese kitchen since rice is an important part of a Chinese meal. These absorb the water completely and you don’t need to worry about the rice being overheated once it is put in a rice cooker.


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Chinese Kitchen Essentials