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How To Use Mixers

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using mixers at kitchen


Mixers are used in kitchen for simplification of kitchen activities like beating egg yolks into just right peaks, to kneading bread dough and making whipped cream. Learning how to use mixers will help you to solve many kitchen responsibilities by a wink of eye.



The Advantages Of using A Mixer in Kitchen


You will enjoy multiple advantages with your mixer while cooking. Some of the prime facilities are

  • Hands-free operation
  • Making Smooth batter and making
  • Having facility of mixing within a considerably shorter time
  • Hardly any chance of accidental spillage.


How to Use Mixers: the Attachments

  • The beater attachment is the basic attachment of a stand mixer. It allows you to make best quality batter for making cake, cookies, icings, frostings etc.
  • An advanced model of mixers may have interchangeable attachments and the most common three attachments are paddle, whisk, and dough; each of these attachments are designed to perform specific mixing technique.
  • Whisking attachment is used for beating egg whites and cream; as the whisk process goes on, the mix becomes thicker and creamier. This attachment is best to make thick sauces, frostings, and meringues, etc.
  • Dough hook is used for making all types of bread dough. The hook is designed in a way, which can pull sticky dough from the edge and sides of the mixing bowl.
  • Attachment paddle is used for making and mixing batter with thicker consistency, and where the inclusion of air is not any hindrance for the making of the recipe, paddle instrument is used.
  • All models come with a large mixing bowl although some of the mixers come with smaller mixing bowls as well.

How to determine mixer speed

  • All mixers come with three speed options, which are high, low, and medium. You should select the speed of the gadget according to the recipe requirement.
  • The right combination of speed adjustment and setting of timer, and exact amount of ingredients is the secret of forming right batter by using mixers.

How to use mixers is not only about instruction, it is somehow a perfect blend of recipe- knowledge and the mixing of ingredients. Once you will be through about its  basic features, using a mixer will not be a problem for you.




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How To Use Mixers