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Electrolux Microwave Review

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Electrolux Microwave Oven


Styled all in black or stainless steel, Electrolux Microwave ovens offer a full range of functions. This Electrolux Microwave Review is all about its features and performance. Read on...








Electrolux Microwave Oven Features

  • Electrolux  microwave ovens are fitted with internal lights. The user can observe the cooking process from outside. The in-built sensor-technology can set the moister level at control which initiates faster cooking.
  • There are five cooking options; these are pre-fixed for popcorn, baked potatoes, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, and reheat dishes. Besides the sensor option, there is auto-cook option too.  
  • Electrolux micro features auto reheat facility for reheating fresh rolls/ muffins, frozen muffins / rolls and pasta. There are regular auto cooking features, for example, four quick meal options and five dinner options are there best possible cooking back up.
  • Electrolux micro ovens have six auto-defrost options in-built. The exhaust function comes with a convertible exhaust duct and 3-speed exhaust fan (300 CFM). This micro oven system comes with charcoal filter which supports  the exhaust system and  keeps kitchen odorless.
  • Grease filter is one of the prime utility  features of Electrolux micro ovens; it protects greases from getting accumulated in ducts.

Two most popular models of Electrolux Micro Wave oven models are Electrolux Microwave E130MH55,  Electrolux EC20GBSK-MMZ

Disadvantages of Electrolux Microwave machines

There is no specific disadvantage of Electrolux Microwave oven as per Electrolux Microwave Review is concerned. However, spare parts are not readily available in the market; therefore, it is mandatory to get this oven serviced from an authorized company technician only.


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Electrolux Microwave Review