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Every day, over 70 million Ethiopians consume a flatbread called injera as their staple food. Injera is cooked on an open fire using large clay discs called mitads like a griddle. Mitads, however, have a serious problem: they break every few months. The clay cooking surfaces are quite fragile and most families will replace them between 3 and 7 times a year, at a cost of ~5 USD each. Since mitads are ubiquitous in Ethiopia, a country where the majority of families live on about 180 USD a year, this creates an enormous financial burden. Most households spend over 10% of their annual income replacing broken mitads.

The durability of mitads can be massively increased with a simple, inexpensive solution: by installing a steel band around the edge of the mitad to compress the clay. Applying an engineering principle called pre-stressing, the mitad transforms from a fragile disc that shatters when accidentally knocked over to a durable cooking surface that can be dropped from overhead without cracking.

Its that simple. With a steel band you can create a Mighty Mitad.

In detail, the Mighty Mitad is a pair of C-shaped bands with tabs at each end for bolting the halves around traditional clay discs. The retail cost is under 2 USD and the manufacturing expertise required for production is minimal.

The environmental impact is also quite significant. The Mighty Mitad could save 500 thousand tons of raw clay annually, as well as countless endangered trees burned for firing.

A pilot launch of the Mighty Mitad has already begun in southern Ethiopia with a local manufacturing partner. It has been hailed as a miracle and generated tremendous demand. The cost savings to households are already apparent: every family has decided to send their children to school.

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Mighty Mitad To The Rescue
Mitad is a type of pan used by ethiopians to prepare their staple food. The video shows how the product called might mitad increases durability by 10 times and save money

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About Mighty Mitad Video, Mighty Mitad To The Rescue