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Annette'S Kitchen Secrets

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FINALLY! (In my opera voice).... We get to meet Annette . My darling mother has agreed to let us into the beating heart of their home -- the KITCHEN. This is where it all happens. You see, my mom is a fantastic cook.... Has an inner-fire burning around the clock for the next recipe, the next technique, the next combination of flavors, the next gadget.... She's amazing. I have had the privilege of growing up with her talents (some of them have hopefully rubbed off, you see)... and I thought it was high time to share with all of YOU. Like most anything..... the secrets to success are having the right tools. Nettie is all about trying, improving,... and trying again. I knew if ANYONE would have perspective on what's essential in the kitchen... it would be mom. Join us as we share with you... whether your favorites are savory or sweet... new perspective is always a delicious layer!!

Nettie's Essentials

· Silicone basting brushes
· Messermeister peeler
· Santoku knife + kitchen shears
· Tomato knife
· Mezzaluna
· Jelly roll pans
· Pie crust protector
· Bench scraper
· Gravy separator
· Thermopen meat thermometer
· Microplane zester
· Fish spatula
· Le Creuset French Oven
· Cut resistant kitchen glove
· Tongs
· Japanese slicer
· Sauté pan
· Kitchenaid mixer
· Cuisinart food processor
· Mini prep food processor
· Measuring cups
· Potato ricer

Bon appetite!

Tracy & Nettie

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Annette's Kitchen Secrets!
Kitchen is a beating heart of home. Kitchen should be decorated and well designed so that your family can enjoy. In this video, Annette is giving secrets for your kitchen designs and also talking about essentials of a kitchen.

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Annette'S Kitchen Secrets Video, Annette's Kitchen Secrets!