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How To Use Electric Stove

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Use electric stove

How to use electric stove may seemto be an innocent question for a few of us but actually it is not. Using electric stove is slightly different than using a general gas stove. 

How to use electric stove

A stove is made for cooking, boiling, steaming etc, so is electric stoves. How to use a electric stove is not only about its operation, it can be learned from the users manual; these tips are all about the best use of electric stoves for cooking.

  • Dials are the knobs of the oven paced on the control panel. You should learn always the dial details before you turn on the stove. Unless you will learn the manual properly, you may not be able to heat the desired plate for cooking. This mistake may turn into hazard and it may raise a safety issue as well.
  • While using electric oven you should not use high heat. As an electric oven generates high heat it cooks faster. Unless you will cook on low medium heat, there is high chance that you may get your food overcooked or burned.
  • You must have different sizes of pan while you will be working on electric oven. For the smaller flame you should use smaller pan and for bigger flame big pan will prevent food from burning. Instead of using aluminum pan, it is better if you use copper coated cooking pans or cast iron made pan. Latest Teflon coated cooking pans are also good options for cooking on electric stoves.
  • Electric stoves reach at high temperature fast. You should always use wooden spoons and wooden spatula for cooking food in electric oven because these utensils are heat proof than metallic options.
  • Never keep a utensil in the cooking pot while cooking. Due to excessive heat the handles may get damaged or being hot these can do harm for skin if touched during cooking.
  • You can manage all your baking recipes wonderfully in electric oven. Cooking on electric oven is advantageous because of its uniform and even heat consistency. Whereve you place the food in the even you will get wonderful baking result. 


Now you have got an idea how to use electric oven you can thought about replacing your gas stove from your latest modular kitchen. Those who have special nose for energy saving cooking process electric oven will work as boon for those people.

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How To Use Electric Stove