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How To Use Griddle

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Using Griddle

How to use griddle may not interest a veteran kitchen player but surely the amateurs will  focus on it. Griddle is one of the most easy to maintain, multipurpose kitchen equipment available . Mostly griddles are made of cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel and are used on stove, on open flame and is used world wide for cooking different types of snacks and foods and of course for cooking different types of flatbread recipes. 

How to use griddle

  • It is extremely useful knowing how to use griddle because of its multifunctional role in kitchen. Starting from vegetable to meat, with oil or without oil lot of recipes can be accommodated on griddle.
  • One of the great potential of using griddle is its versatility of uses like toasting, sautéing, pan frying, simmering, roasting, browning, baking, grilling, blackening, and braising.
  • Griddles are available as for stove top, and as electrical appliance. Two types of griddles are available for use; one is flat variety and the second one is ridged.
  • Plain and flat griddles are used for cooking fried eggs, pancakes, and for toasting for sandwiches. Flame grilled griddles are used for cooking sausages, grilled vegetables, steaks, etc.
  • Following how to use griddle is extremely easy. The non-electrical griddles are meant for placing on the stove top and ideally griddles are to be placed on the large burner, to get even heat all over its surface. For electric griddle an oven surface and electrical source of power is the pre requisites.
  • Before start cooking on griddle, convert the plain  into a non sticky one, if it is already not prepared with its non stick surface. Pour slight oil on its heated surface or brush some amount of oil on the heated surface of the griddle. You should allow the griddle sitting the flame for 3-5minutes and then you may start cooking on it.
  • Place the chosen food on the griddle surface; in case of a ridges griddle lay the food across its edges so that it gets the shape of a char grill.
  • You have to have a spatula with you while cooking with griddle otherwise you may have serious burn injury on your fingers. Turn the food on the griddle surface. Most of the griddles are built with non-stick surface you should avoid on your part metallic utensils and spoons because metal may spoil the non-stick base and can procure scratch.
  • Once the cooking over a griddle is complete, you should take some time till the griddle gets cool for further cleaning. Proper cleaning is one of the most prime issues of learning how to use griddle properly.

Learning the tips of how to use griddle is a wonderful resource for knowing the use of this common gadget; now serve new recipes to use this small device on and on.


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How To Use Griddle