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How To Use Popcorn Maker

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 Use Popcorn MakerIf you know how to use a popcorn maker, you are a rock star kitchen player. But if you do not know, don’t worry, read it here, and learn how to make hundreds of crispy popcorn recipes for enjoying leisurely evenings with your friends and family. The health benefit also makes sense for learning  how to use popcorn maker at home.

How to use popcorn maker: the nitty gritty 

There are several types of popcorn makers available for purchase, however almost all of them run on the same tricks. Apart from going through the user’s manual, these tips will surely help you to win the learning challenge.

  • You need to be familiar with the machine parts, which mean the bigger components which you have to operate while using the machine to learn how to use popcorn maker. You should start with fresh popcorn; however, pouring a lot of corns may not serve your purpose. So it is better if you try a few corns initially to taste how the corns are popping up. 
  • For best effect you should store corns in airtight container in cool dry place and preferably not in refrigerator. In case you keep these items in refrigerator corns may get too dry and may not pop up while you will place them in popcorn maker and your knowledge about how to use popcorn maker may all go in vein.
  • You have to remove the popping chute from the popcorn maker and at a time at the most may pour ½ cup popcorn kernels into the bottom of popcorn chamber.
  • Some of the popcorn makers have provision for adding butter and for melting butter these machines come with butter-melter pot. If there is no specific butter melter available, melt butter either in microwave or in the stovetop.
  • Re-install the chute into its proper place. Now you have to place a heatproof bowl under the popping chute. In case the bowl is not lofty enough to reach at the bottom of the chute, you can place something stable under it to make it elevated. Otherwise there is high chance that a major portion of your popcorn will not get into the bowl but will prefer flying all around.
  • lug the machine and wait for 3-5 minutes. In all standard machines it takes 3 min around time to finish the popping session. Take a close look on the corn left in the chamber. When 3/4th of the popcorn will get popped, off the switch and allow rest of the corns to pop on the already hot plate. Otherwise the last popcorns will get over burnt.
  • Add melted butter and sprinkle salt on the popcorns before serving them. You can add seasoning spices on your discretion.

If you learn how to use the popcorn maker, I bet, you will never have ready made popcorns from outside food joints for the rest of your life.


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How To Use Popcorn Maker