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How To Use Waffle Iron

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Using Waffle Iron

Before knowing how to use waffle iron it is wise to know what is a waffle iron. Waffle iron is popularly known as waffle maker in market and it is used for making waffles. 

How to use waffle iron: the simple guidelines

If you how to use waffle iron, it’s great, otherwise read on further to learn the easiest shortcut for making tasty healthy waffles.

  • Prior to making any waffles, you have to coat inside the grid plates of the waffle iron with a nonstick cooking spray; with a paper towel wipe off the excess oil from the plates. If you do overspray, you will surely smell these oils on the waffles. Prior seasoning is one of the most important tips for how to use waffle iron practice.
  • Close the lid of the maker and plug on the switch. A light will indicate that it is getting hot inside. Once the light is off and the maker will start signaling, it means that the pre-heating is over and now it’s high time you can place batter inside the grid plates.
  • You should never place plateful batter; in case if you do get ready for the mess. The batter will come out of the plate and will make the maker clumsy inside. Maintaining cleanliness is a major concern for how to use waffle iron in kitchen for making tasty waffles.
  • After placing batter inside the plates,  put on the switch and close the lid; the light will again start glowing and steam will be coming out from inside indicating the baking of the waffle inside the maker.  
  • When the waffle will be prepared, the light glowing on the maker will go off and the steam coming out will be stopped. You can check if the waffle, inside the plates, is crispy enough.
  • Pick it up with a fork and serve on the plate.
  • Repeat the same process for the next waffle.


Once you will learn by practice how to use waffle iron, you will surely skip your habit of purchasing ready made waffles from market.

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How To Use Waffle Iron