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How To Use Dutch Oven

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Use Dutch ovens

Before learning how to use Dutch oven let us learn what a Dutch oven is.  Although the prime use of a Dutch oven is braising and stewing stubborn vegetables and tough meats, you can also prepare soft and tender meat and vegetables with the use of Dutch oven provided you know how to use Dutch oven properly.

How to use Dutch oven for cooking

  • Dutch ovens are used on stove tops it is used for preparing meat pieces; when meat will be half- prepared you can add desired vegetables in it. In the first stage you are not supposed to add stock or water. You have to stir the food in lower heat for certain time until the onion and the vegetables become soft, tender, and brownish in color. This is the basic process of how to use Dutch oven for cooking.
  • Once you will taste that meat and vegetable have become tender, add water on it. Add water to an amount where it comes up the surface drowning meat and vegetables. The water you have to pour as per your desired quantity of the stew or soup you are planning to prepare. Add the spices for seasoning in this time because the water will form the stew and the spices will be absorbed by meat and veggies via this water.   
  • Now put the lid on the pot; the steam vapor condensed within the lid will initiate adding up natural source of moisture in the cooking process and will keep the preparation soft and tender, but at the same time will retain the food values of the ingredients.
  • The uniqueness of using Dutch oven is its multipurpose nature. A Dutch oven can be comfortably used for making bread, pizza, pies, and cakes. While making any of these baking recipes, you have to place a small baking pan inside a Dutch pan an according to the requirement have to proceed with dough.
  • For some obvious reason modern Dutch ovens are used on stove tops only because aluminum bottom cannot hold heat for longer as cast iron pots could have done. These pots can be placed in conventional ovens; however, it is a tough job because almost by every minute you have to monitor the dough.
  • Dutch oven can fit wonderfully with camping cooking style as it goes perfectly with campfire cooking.


It’s time to unpack it and try some tasty slow cooking recipe once you have read about how to use Dutch oven.


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How To Use Dutch Oven