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How To Use Wok

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Using Wok

How to use wok cookware in the best possible way is one of the most talked about topics nowadays in US kitchens.  Seasoned home makers who are well conversant with wok, have claimed that wok is an excellent utensil for deep fry, stir-fry, braise, or for steamed recipes,. Let’s have a look at how to use wok  so that you can also purchase similar cookware  for regular use.

How to use wok: the seasoning process

  • Wok made utensils are made of wok wood hence seasoning of these woody utensils are absolutely required for hygienic concerns. Once you have purchased some new wok utensils, you should thoroughly wash it with soap and water and then allow it to be air dry for 2-3 hours in post-wash period.
  • Pre-heat the utensil on a burner. When Wok utensil will be really hot if a drop of water is added to this utensil, the water drops will start fumbling before dissipating. In this condition allow the utensil to sit for awhile and in moderate heat phase start preparing the wok utensil for cooking.
  • You have to smear cooking oil on its all surfaces; the oil coating will certainly enhances its non-sticky feature and this non-sticky feature allows restricted amount oil to get absorbed by food while cooking on it. It is always recommended to use oil on wok utensil with higher smoking point like peanut oil or palm oil, etc.
  • For better longevity of wok utensils you should always allow then to be completely washed and cool before storing it.

Using wok utensils: Cooking process

  • You will get best result if you cook on your wok utensils on medium hot temperature.
  • Wok utensils are mostly used for healthy deep frying of food. In order to deep fry, you may add some extra oil and allow t temperature to reach at 350-375 degree F.
  • It is always recommended to add ingredients batch wise in the utensils. The woody texture of Wok cookware is excellent supportive for crispy fried items; however, you should always wire skimmer for flipping the items in the oil and to remove them from oil when the frying will be over.
  • You will be able to cook steam recipes on wok utensils perhaps with best effect. You have to bamboos steamer for cooking on steam process with wok; it is slightly time taking cooking process however cooked foods are steamed with unparallel efficiency and great taste with Wok cookware.


With detail knowledge about how to use wok, now you will be more confident in cooking oil economy foods.

Happy cooking!!


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How To Use Wok