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How To Use Pressure Cooker

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Using pressure cooker

The question, how to use pressure cooker  seems to be a difficult task but actually it is not. The latest models of pressure cookers are equipped with better safety devices and it is extremely easy to handle them, you will be on safer side if you learn the steps how to use pressure cooker before you use it for first time.

Things you should check before using a pressure cooker

In pressure cooker we use cooking process by excess pressure inside the cooker body. Therefore it is necessary to check before using if all the components of this kitchen equipment are on right condition. You should take special care on the below mentioned factors.

  • Rubber ring that fits the groove of the pressure cooker lid, if the rubber ring seems to be dirty or brittle, it may not serve the purpose of sealing.
  • Ideally a pressure cooker may contain at the most ¾ th portion of items for cooking, accordingly fill the cooker body.
  • if you wish to cook veggies in it, you should cut them into pieces
  • In case you want to cook meat in it, put some salt and oil after you add meat in the cooker body.

How to use pressure cooker for cooking: the necessary steps

  • Adding water is an important part of safety cooking process by pressure cooker. After placing the ingredients in the pressure cooker you have to add water in it. You have to take care of the issue that water level and ingredients in the pressure cooker should be within the marked line inside the cooker.
  • Now smear some oil over the water, it will prevent foaming inside the cooker while on burner.
  • Now it’s the time you put the lid on place and put it under locked condition. Now you are ready with your pressure cooker for cooking.
  • When you are working with pressure cooker you should never use higher flame. You can use initially higher flame but it is better to low it after because it may initiate faster cooking but may lack the seasoning time of the ingredients.
  • Most of the modern pressure cookers are now equipped with PSI gauge; you should adjust the heat to the recommended PSI. If the pressure cooker has a regulator, you should use for steady motion.
  • You must have a fair idea about cooking time of your food. In case, you do not have any idea of timing, especially for first time users, consult your operating manual.
  • Once the cooking time is over, put off the burner and allow the cooker to release its pressure by its own way. Some modern pressure cookers have auto release system. Once the stem inside is released, it is safe now to open the lid and to enjoy the serving.

How to use pressure cooker tips are all about energy efficient healthy cooking process. If you are a first time user of pressure cooker, in addition to these tips please do not forget consulting your user manual available with pressure cooker.


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How To Use Pressure Cooker