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How To Use Slow Cooker

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Using Slow Cooker

The tips for how to use slow cooker  is  quite interesting. Using slow cooker is quite easy provided you know the basic rules to operate this small electrical kitchen equipment. Those who have not use this appliance yet will get some idea to use slow cooker by reading the easy steps described here.

How to use slow cooker: the essential tips

  • Slow cooker takes time in cooking therefore it is good for the working people who leave house for some time and want meal prepared on return. In order to cook in slow cooker, you should cup and chop the veggies at night before and in the morning before leaving the home you should put them into cooker, on the plug, and set it on low. In evening when you will be back you will get your meal fresh cooked and ready.
  • Best options of meal prepared by slow cooker are soup, stew, sauces, and chili.
  • You should never put frozen foods for cooking in slow cooker; be double sure about best possible thawing before you put meat or veggies into slow cooker.
  • You can put at the most ¾th portion of the slow cooker by ingredients; over pouring of ingredients may turn uncooked meal or under the level items may result in overcooked meal, which in both ways are not palatable.

Using slow cooker: the steps you should follow

  • You should smear the cooker before use with a cooking spray; the oily background will make the cleaning process easier. For easy cleaning you can also use plastic liner before you start cooking. Simply throw off the liner and major portion of cleaning liability of this slow cooker will be over.
  • As the cooking process is concerned you should add solid veggies first, then meat, if any, and then the soft   veggies like tomato. In case you want to add pasta or rice, do it at the last hour.
  • ·Cooking meat may take 8-9 hours time but cooking by slow cooker keeps meat moist and tender.
  • While the cooking process is on, you should not open the cooker lid; frequent opening the lid may cause losing lots of heat, which may result further delay in cooking.

These tips concerning how to use slow cooker will certainly help you now in using a slow cooker in your kitchen.

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How To Use Slow Cooker