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How To Use Oven

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Using Oven

How to use oven instructions are relevant for those amateurs who had never been into a kitchen. The instructions given here will be a great help for them, I hope.

How to use oven: the easy steps

  • Before using an oven you should know it first. Oven’s manual is the best guide to know the different functions of an oven. However, you may not have the oven manual right available with you; in these cases, you better stand in front of the oven and have a look on the use of it.
  • There might be several functions of an oven but for the first hand users, the main options will be the first hand knowledge about the main functions of this oven. For example, bake and broil are the main function of an oven, and learning this menu will serve half of your purpose.  
  • There will be another set of switches which denote certain range of temperature. These temperature ranges are required to set for determining the temperature of the cooking.
  • Now it is your turn to know the inside oven; generally ovens have two wire rack shelves and these two can be moved from one level to another. These shelves are generally kept locked with a track that remains positioned from front to back side of the oven. The positioning of the track is a safety feature of the oven and before starting using the oven you should realize the utility of this track too.

Using oven: the baking mode

  • While you will put the oven in baking mode it will arrange heat source from surrounding; you can cook foods faster and here heat gets radiated from all directions. While you will put the oven on baking mode, remember you are using wide range of temperature and wider exposure of your food to temperature.
  • For best baking effect you have to place the food in the middle of the oven; in case the food size is taller than usual, you have to readjust shelf height.

Using Oven: the broiling mode

  • While you will use it in broil mode it means heat will be available from top only. Accordingly, you have to place your food for required effect.
  • In electric oven generally heating elements are placed on top and bottom of the oven; at the tome of baking both the elements supplied heat, in broiling mode only the top portion supplies heat.
  • For broiling ideally you should place food on the top shelf; for baking ideally you should place the food in the middle shelf.
  • In case you have a gas oven, you have to use salamander portion for boiling and oven part is used for baking. In most of the systems salamander looks like a drawer at the bottom of the oven.


Now those who had no idea how to use oven will be able to use an oven with lesser difficulties; so go ahead and try some new recipes tonight.

Happy cooking!!!!

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How To Use Oven