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How To Use A Humidor At Home

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Humidor is a storage container which maintains consistent humidity and temperature inside.  If you are cigar lover, then for sure you should use a humidor at home. Cigars are usually spongy and have the ability to absorb the surrounding air, so it is essential to store them in a place where humidity and temperature are maintained appropriately. Using a humidor helps the cigar to stay fresh and you can use them whenever you want.



Buy a humidor

When you plan to use a humidor at home, decide how many cigars you would like to store in a humidor, this helps you to get the right size.  Also while buying humidor from tobacconist, do not buy the one which has aromatic cedar lining as it may affect your cigar’s flavor. It should be lined with non aromatic cedar like Spanish cedar.

Set the humidor

Before storing cigars in the humidor you should set the humidor by adding humidity to the wood. Fill a glass of distill water and keep it inside the humidor, then charge the humidifier as the instructions given in the user's manual. Some would suggest keeping a mixture of propylene glycol and distilled water. Now attach the hygrometer and humidifier and close the humidor. The humidor should be kept close for four to seven days. Doing so would help the humidor to take in moisture and reach the right humidity level.

Check the hydrometer

Hydrometer has to be checked every few days to know the humidity level inside the box. You should wait for the humidity to reach 68 to 72% , once it reaches that level you can start to use the humidor.  The wood has now stabilized and can keep the cigars fresh. Open the humidor to take off the glass of water and clean the box using a soft cloth.

Place at the right location in your house

Humidor has to be kept at a place where the temperature is 70 degrees or in a place which is not experiencing varying temperature. Place them away from direct sunlight; do not place them on top of an air conditioner or on any other place that can affect internal temperature of the box. Also you should not keep any objects in top of the humidor.

Arrange the cigars

Stack the cigars in the humidor, fill the humidifier with distilled water and attach the hygrometer. Each week make sure to rotate the cigars like top layer to bottom and the bottom to the top. Humidor should be opened periodically to allow circulation of air inside the box.

Test the condition

When everything is set, you can test the conditions by examining the cigars. When you press the cigar at the bottom using your thumb it should be firm, then the condition prevailing is good. In case the cigar is firm, then it requires more humidity. When you use a humidor at home, you can adjust the humidor temperature and humidity accordingly to keep the cigars fresh.

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How To Use A Humidor At Home