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How To Buy A Bubba Keg

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Keg is a container that has been in existence since beverages were served or stored.  It is cylindrical container made of aluminium, stainless steel, or wood.  Keg has an air-tight lid to fasten and capture the beverage filled in it.  You can fill alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks in a keg.  The only exception is the the wood keg is not used to store non-alcoholic drinks since it imparts its flavor to the drink.  Have you ever heard of a grill made out of a keg!  The bubba keg is a grill that is built within a barrel that is a huge keg.  It may appear plain but it is multi functional because several tools are incorporated smartly in the bubba keg.  And these tools are that you should look for when you have to buy a bubba keg.  



A bubba keg is available in stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, and teflon.  For buying a bubba keg always check the below:



  • The maximum temperature that it can sustain.  A bubba keg should be able to sustain enough heat that even if you have to grill four steaks at the same time, then each of the steak should be done equally. Check the insulation for this.
  • Bubba keg should stay warm even after a few hours so that you do not have to kick start the whole heating process again.  This feature will be the best in a cast iron bubba keg.
  • A well designed bubba keg uses fairly small amounts of charcoal.  So you can carry it to an outdoor location without the hassle of carryign the extra load of charcoal.
  • The vents in the covering lid of the bubba keg should be placed proportionately.  This will ensure that the food is not being over smoked.
  • The cooking grates should have an option to be adjusted in two or more positions.
  • Check for the thermometer in the lid.  It is essential to maintain the cooking time.
  • There are two removable side trays on each side of the grill.  Those trays are attached to the outer body and lend an egg airplane like resemblence to the bubba keg.
  • The mounted frame to hold the bubba keg should have wide wheels so that it does not topple over.  It should also have a three wheels to provide more stability.
  • The bottom airflow damper should be funtioning properly.


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How To Buy A Bubba Keg