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How To Use A Metal Steamer

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Metal Steamer

When I use a metal steamer to steam my veggies, I sometimes think the old ways are still the best.



The ancient art of healthy cooking in steam is one of the simplest and best ways to prepare a meal without adding unhealthy ingredients.


However, using a metal steamer has been lot more easier and economical to serve healthy food for your family.


Tips to use a metal steamer:

Things you will need:


  • Metal Steamer
  • Vegetables
  • Knife
  • Large pot


Instructions on how to use the steamer:


  • Choose fresh vegetables like broccoli, carrots, beet root and cauliflower, etc.


  • Chop your vegetables in equal size.


  • Smaller the vegetable pieces the faster it cooks and the uniformity in cooking is maintained.


  • Fix the vegetable steamer into the bottom of the pot, allowing it to open up fully.


  • Pour water into the pot until the water is just below the surface of the steamer. Make sure to pour water while the steamer is at the bottom.


  • Place the vegetables on the steamer surface and cover the pot and place it on the stove


  • Put the flame into medium and time the vegetables to ensure its cooked.


  • Check if the vegetables are cooked properly after a minimum time.


  • Turn off the stove once the vegetables are completely cooked.




The difference between a bamboo steamer and a stainless steel:


Bamboo Steamer is said that bamboo steamer gives out more authentic oriental taste than metal steamer.


I have noticed that bamboo steamers are hard to clean, but make sure to avoid using detergent as the bamboo absorbs the flavor of the soap. The best way to clean is to simply rinse with water.


On the other hand stainless steel steamers are easier to clean.

These steamers won't mold and will last longer.



Uses of steamed cooking:

  • Steamer cooking with taste and nutrients

  • No extra fat for Cooking

  • Steamer cooking: quick and easy

  • Time Saving Steamer with Timer

  • Reduce your fat intake when you steam your food



Nutritional Value:


Steaming diminishes nutrients such as Vitamin C and folic acid in vegetables by 15 percent, while boiling reduces it by 35 percent.




  • Cooking for long periods can damage some vitamins.


  • Boiling and steaming causes some vitamins and minerals to seep out of the food.





  • Make sure to avoid direct contact with the lid from the pot, this may cause steam burns on face and body.


  • Make sure to have sufficient water in the pot as the water evaporates quickly while cooking vegetable



Use a metal steamer for faster and easy cooking. Steamer comes handy in the kitchen, when we need to steam vegetables or fish. With everyday’s busy life using a metal steamer saves time, economical and helps in serving healthy food. For healthy cooking Steamer recipes, visit


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How To Use A Metal Steamer