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What Are The Various Uses Of A Colander

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While preparing this write-up about uses of a colander, first thing which came to mind was, what is colander and what are the various uses of a colander? Before I explicate on colander uses, let me tell you what a colander is. This is a bowl-shaped strainer used in cooking to drain liquids from foods such as noodles, pasta, etc. The traditionally colander was made of aluminum with holes punched throughout the bowl.


Uses of a colander


  • Wash Fruit, vegetables, pulses.  Just put the vegetable and fruits into the colander and rinse in running water.

  • From straining juice to rinsing canned foods such as beans, vegetables colander can be used for all. Plastic colander can be used to strain the fruit juice.
  • Fruits and be safely keep in a colander: Berries, grapes, apple, and other fragile, moisture-sensitive items can be stored in a colander and can be placed in the fridge.  Plastic colander can be used to rinse vegetables and fruits.

  • To prevent the oil from splattering while cooking, we invert a metal colander over the pan and avoid a clutter on the stove. Aluminum colander is used for this purpose.

  • Steam vegetables.  Colander can be used to steam vegetables in an open container or can be placed in a cooker and can be steamed normally. Aluminum colander are usually preferred to stream vegetables.

  • Keep bugs away. If you want to get rid of bugs sitting on the fruits, just cover them with a colander. Plastic colander can be used for this purpose.
  • Strain yogurt or soft cheese. Place the cheesecloth on colander and set it over a bowl, and fill it with yogurt or soft cheese.

  • Grow sprouts. Now I know why my mom and granny used this colander to grow sprouts! You could get a cheap plastic colander, and use it to grow sprouts.

  • Use colander to fry your French fries:  Use an aluminum colander to prepare fresh French fries or fry any munchies.


Colander uses are numerous and it’s a must have in every kitchen.


Difference between a food strainer and colander


A colander is used to drain noodles or pasta in the sink or rinse vegetables. 



A food strainer can be used for:


  • Straining juice
  • Draining water from noodles or pastas
  • Separating fat from gravy
  • Removing skin and flesh from berries, tomatoes, grapes, etc
  • Strain sauces
  • Help in removing lemon seeds before squeezing lemon into your dishes.


Tips while using colander


  • Avoid direct facial contact with colander, as rising steam could injury your face.
  • A colander also comes in handy for draining canned vegetables before cooking
  • This also comes handy in preparing salads.
  • Do not use a plastic colander for steaming.
  • Wire mesh colander gets difficult to clean as food gets stuck in the holes at the bottom of the colander, just place the colander under running water once the cooking process is complete to prevent food particles from getting stuck.


List uses of a colander can go on and on, but we need to know how to use it to its full potential whether it’s plastic or aluminum.


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What Are The Various Uses Of A Colander