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How To Use Cake Plates

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Any plate that helps to hold a cake is referred as cake plates, it may be cut cake or whole cake. You can use cake plates in different ways starting from storing to displaying. Normal cakes do not require any special cake plates, but in many cases people like to have a cake plate that matches their cake style. While using cake plates to suit the cake style and theme on should ensure to get the right shape, design and size.


Use cake plates for serving

As soon as the cake is cut, it is served in small plates to guests. This plate is usually used in parties and gatherings that can hold a single piece of cake. This one is not very big so could not hold more than a single piece. You can find these plates at weddings, birthday parties and special events.

Standard cake plates

Any plate can serve as a cake plate for informal setting. Standard plates are flat without any lip or curve on the edges. Cake size and shape determines these flat plates size for instance a flat round cake would require a flat round plate. Usually these plates are bigger than the cake so that the cake fits into the plate.

Using cake plates for decoration

Pedestal cake plates are usually used for decorating purposes. These plates are held by a single pedestal or would have a riser that holds up the cake. This is often used to decorate the cake or to store the cake with a plastic or glass cover on it. Use cake plates as pedestal plates by fixing a riser to the cake plate. You can make this yourself, take a cake plate, a riser (usually a candlestick or vase can help you) and glue. Fix the candlestick to the plate using glue and dry it. Once it is set, you can use this cake plate to display or store cake.

Use cake plates for arranging wedding cakes

The cake plates used for wedding are known as Tiered cake plates. It helps to display multilayered cake and gives great and formal look to the cake. You can get this from online cake making retailers. You cannot use normal cake plates to stack case, as it may not hold the multi layered cake properly.

There are several types of cake plates available in the stores.  Try to have at least two cake plates at home because it won’t be good to serve ice cream, cake and jelly in small bowls. You would now know to use cake plates appropriately.


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How To Use Cake Plates