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What Are The Dangers Of Cooking In Cast Iron Cookware

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It has become essential for us to know the potential cooking risk and dangers of cast iron cookware because we often use cast iron made cookware in our kitchen as a conventional practice or simply for the reluctance to change the old one with a new healthy option of utensil. Cast iron cocking is a conventional Asian culinary technique; however, recent research and study on this subject line has revealed some shocking information which is breathtaking and has clearly pointed out the health risk and potential dangers of cast iron cookware on our health system.


Potential dangers of cast iron cookware 


Dangers of cast iron cookware take place basically due to over use, improper handling and inadequate care of the utensils. Durability wise cast iron cookware offers great longevity and it is available out of cheaper rate; the  cost effective price and less maintenance hazard have made it a popular item since a long time in daily culinary practice. The common hazards of cast iron cooking are


  • Supply of excess iron in prepared foods causing iron toxicity
  • Improper storage and handling of the cookware cause rust on it, which is toxic in reaction
  • Cast iron made utensil has porous surface and in the process of cooking foods juice and tiny particles may get slipped into the pores and may cause potential food contamination issue; this happens due to improper seasoning of foods
  • Cast iron cookware does not come with any non-stick coating which is another reason it soaks more oil quantity while cooking, which is unhealthy for health and one of the prime dangers of cast iron cookware resulting in obesity, etc problem
  • The heat retention of cast iron cookware is one of the reasons the oils and frying mediums reaches at their melting point quickly; consumption of oils at its melting point is harmful for health


Major health disadvantages of cast iron cooking


According to an article published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association it has been pointed out by a group of researchers that dangers of cast iron cookware cooking pose two serious health dangers. These are


  • Iron toxicity, which is potentially harmful for babies and toddlers
  • Serious Health hazards for the patients with metabolic disorder or suffering from iron over load disease
  • over dose of iron due to cast iron cooking may pose serious health hazards like diarrhea, nausea, and hemorrhaging
  • Iron overdose for a considerable period may cause problems like heart palpitations, stomach upset and cramping, and unconditional fatigue
  • A cast iron made cookware absorbs more quantity of oil while it is used for deep fry; consumption of oily foods at regular basis may trigger potential health risks like higher level of cholesterol, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and kidney malfunctioning, etc.
  • Over dose of iron in food may cause impotence for male
  • For women over consumption of iron in food may hamper their regular menstruation cycle and premature aging problem.


The dangers of cast iron cookware are obvious factor; it is high time to replace the cast iron made utensils from our kitchen to prevent the cast iron cooking hazards harming our family members.


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What Are The Dangers Of Cooking In Cast Iron Cookware